Unique Opportunity to Watch 20 Expert Interviews

Your Journey to the Top - Expert Interviews

Like any journey, it’s good to prepare the way. One of the ways we can prepare is by speaking with or listening to people who’ve been there before.  I love this idea. In fact I’ve used it myself in the Inspiring Entrepreneurs Blog Series on the How Great Marketing Works Blog.

20 Expert Interviews

20 Expert Interviews - Galit RozenNow let me Introduce you to Galit Ventura Rozen. She’s spoiled you. She has given you this unique opportunity to listen to 20 Expert Interviews with women from all walks of life. She has asked each Expert to talk about the subject that’s closest to their hearts and share a free gift while they’re at it.

She’s called it Your Journey to the Top and I’m honoured to be part of it.

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For now, let’s Meet the Experts and let me share a little about each one of them.

20 Expert Interviews - Kristen White

The Business Beyond your Book –
How to Create a 6+ Figure Online Business with Your Transformational Book
Best Selling Author & Journalist Kristen White is Founder and CEO of White Media Agency, the premier media production and business consulting company in the health & wellness, spirituality, and personal development industries.

20 Expert Interviews - Haley Gray


How to Build a Thriving Group on Facebook
 Haley Gray is a Marketing and Sales Strategist | Social Media Expert | Best Selling Author | Key Note Speaker

20 Expert Interviews - Alexa Carlin

Turning Thoughts Into Action: How To Make An Impact & An Income By Being Yourself
Alexa Carlin is a nationally renowned speaker, Founder of the Women Empower Expo and Creator of BeAPublicSpeaker.com. In college, Alexa found herself in a coma with a 1% chance of living. This life-changing experience and the constant struggle she deals with from her autoimmune disease, inspired Alexa to share her story authentically to audiences all over the world.

20 Expert Interviews - Jody Jelas

Fails, Fantasy & LadyBall Confidence
Jody Jelas is an online marketing strategist & is the creator of LadyBalls. She has helped tons of speakers, authors and entrepreneurs cement their place online as Rockstar-Business Gurus and Uber-Confident Speakers for over 12 years by helping them create online leveraged programs.

20 Expert Interviews - Sherrie Campbell

How Can You Love Yourself Into Success?
Author, Licensed Psychologist & Nationally Recognized Expert, Dr Sherrie Campbell is regularly featured on TV, Radio, the Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.
She works with individuals, couples, groups, and families.

20 Expert Interviews - Nina Radetich

Amplify Your Brand Using Video
Nina is President of Radetich Marketing & Media whose goal is to help small businesses market effectively online. She is a certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant and starts her process with a 360 degree view of what you’re currently doing.

20 Expert Interviews - Cailen Ascher

Create Success on YOUR Terms (3 Day Workweek)
Cailen Ascher is a Clarity Coach who wants to live in a world where everyone’s dream job is their day job. Mornings start with yoga and cocktail dresses are not just saved for special occasions.

She is the host of the monthly webshow for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, Cailen Ascher LIVE, and was the 2014 Gold Stevie Award winner for Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year.

20 Expert Interviews - Kim Bullock Hennix

Transform Your Life From Lack to Luxury
Kim Bullock-Hennix is a Lifestyle and Relationship Coach that is devoted to teaching women the power of investing in themselves with the tools they need to thrive successfully in spiritual, emotional, financial, and lifestyle abundance.

20 Expert Interviews - Karie Millspaugh

Employee to Entrepreneur and the
Mindset Required to Make the Leap!
Best Selling Author Karie Millspaugh is an International Business and Lifestyle Coach for Public Figures.

20 Expert Interviews - LaRae Quy

Why You Need Mental Toughness
LaRae Quy was an FBI counterintelligence and undercover agent for twenty-four years.  Now she teaches others how FBI agents develop mental toughness skills to overcome obstacles and break barriers.  She teaches how mental toughness is not something you’re born with; it is a quality you can develop with experience.

20 Expert Interviews - Angela Giles

The Art of Soulful Selling
Angela Giles is a passionate believer in Simple Secrets BIG Results. She has a thirteen-year background of proven performance in communication enhancement, building connections and marketing. She helps professionals, business owners and ordinary people accelerate their communication profitability.

20 Expert Interviews

Understanding Your Customer -The Key to Success on Social
Michelle Duffy Rudden is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer & Account Manager. She is the Founder of Funky Crayons and Inventor of Wickids™

20 Expert Interviews - Natalie Forest

Success Revolutions: The Hidden Power of Patterns
Natalie is America’s Leading Expert in Personal Performance. She is the Founder of Success Revolutions and Revolutionize Your Potential, a series of educational trainings for individuals and corporations across the globe. Her engaging methods and techniques increase productivity, teamwork, retention, resulting in higher profitability, authentic fulfillment, and less stress.

20 Expert Interviews - Lynda West

F.E.A.R. – Fake Energy Acting Real – How to Work Through Fear
In November 2014 Lynda West left her cushy government job, sold her childhood home, sold 85% of her belongings and moved into a 28-foot 5th wheel trailer to go ALL IN so she could follow her dream of helping people achieve their dreams.
Lynda is a Motivational Speaker and Author. She works with People to help them overcome the fear so they can fulfil their life’s purpose.

20 Expert Interviews - Nadine Haupt

Speaking But Not Making Sales? The Critical Mistakes That Keep You From the Money…and How to Fix Them
Nadine Haupt is known as “The Breakthrough Strategist”. She teaches motivated and results driven entrepreneurs how to break through barriers and accelerate their impact and income substantially using a strategic, structured, and authentic approach to client attraction and business development.

20 Expert Interviews - Kerry Manning

Why You Need a Personal Brand to
Raise Your Profile 
and Get More Sales
As a business coach and speaker, Kerry specialises in personal branding and marketing strategy. She works on an individual and corporate level and is passionate about assisting women to reach beyond their expectations.

20 Expert Interviews - Sherry Gideons

Understanding Mindset, and How to Master it, in Order to Create the Life You Were Born to Live.
Sherry Gideons has 28 years of management, leadership, and training skills. Using creative vision and empowerment techniques she excels at leveraging the individual performance in a collaborative environment.

20 Expert Interviews - Finola Howard

Your Brand as Truth Teller & Why You Need It
Finola Howard is a Brand Builder, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Founder of two successful businesses; Qful Media and How Great Marketing Works.  Qful Media is a full service agency that combines Marketing, Design and Growth Expertise to catapult businesses forward.  How Great Marketing Works is a Comprehensive Online Marketing Course that teaches businesses how to put an effective and strategic marketing process in place for their business.

20 Expert Interviews - Melanie Boylan

Manage Your Time With Social Media Tools
Melanie Boylan is a Social Media Trainer. She focuses on ensuring entrepreneurs spend less time in the classroom and more time on building their business.

Wow, what a list of expert interviews. Many of these business women I know. Others I met as part of this Video Series. All of them are worth connecting with. I hope you enjoy the series and I do recommend that you sign up. My interview is on the 8th May – and you get free access to my online mini-course – Build the Code for your Brand Story as part of the programme. Enjoy.

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