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I’ve never taken a traditional view of Marketing and I’ve never understood the need to both demonise and applaud it simultaneously.  Marketing simply put, is good business.

Great Marketing then; can lead to Great Business.

Great Marketing happens when everything works together to create & deliver a product that the market wants… to the customer that wants it… at a price that’s right for that customer and makes commercial sense to you.

Great Marketing happens in businesses with a Triple Bottom Line (People Planet Profit) i.e. the business is

–        Economically Sustainable
–        Socially Sustainable
–        Environmentally Sustainable.

I believe that Great Marketing touches every part of the business and that’s why it works.  Average marketing stays in a neat little box in the corner that is limited to logos, brochures & websites etc. Sometimes it works & sometimes it’s great … for a time. On the whole though average marketing will always be average.

I believe that Great Marketing is possible for every business; no matter how big or small, how old or new.

Unfortunately, Great Marketing is not for everyone but only because not everyone chooses it.

And it needs to be a choice. It takes thought, dedication and an insight into you and your customer that needs to be acted on. It’s for those businesses who want to be great.

It’s always been my vision to make Great Marketing accessible to any business and thus make it easier for them to succeed. With that vision in mind I’ve transformed my tried and tested marketing process into an affordable online process and that is available for initial sign up now.  Visit How Great Marketing Works and sign up for early access. It’ll transform your business.

Connect with me; Finola Howard on LinkedIn for my bio and on Facebook and Twitter for some more.  I like to connect so please do. I look forward to working with you some time.

Finola Howard
Great Marketing Works

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