Climate Change as a Threat to Human Rights & What Needs to be done

Consider re positioning Climate Change as a threat to Human Rights and it might become more real.   The phrase CLIMATE=JUSTICE is starting to gain momentum.

Take some time and watch this TED Talk from Mary Robinson as she elaborates on the real impact Global Warming has on real families, communities and even whole countries who need to provide for their sovereign country falling into the sea.

This is no longer polite dinner conversation. It is our generations responsibility to take care of. In 1945 a global community came together and said ‘Never Again’. It is time for that rallying cry to be heard again. This time for Climate Justice.

Ban Ki-Moon puts it clearly when he says:

We face a choice: either raise ambition – or risk raising temperatures above 2° C, a threshold science tells us we must not cross.

We are also inspired by Wangari Maathi’s words.

Wangari Maathi

When our children reflect back on what we did to protect this world of ours will they say “They did what needed to be done” or will they find us wanting?

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