How I work

Like People, Businesses need different types of support at different stages.  I always like to be effective and impactful in my work and as such I take a very flexible view of how that can best be delivered.  How I work with you is up to you. Let’s find the way that fits you best so we can make it great. With that you mind, you choose what works best for you…

–        How I work as your outsourced marketing director
This means you have someone always thinking about how to leverage everything you do from a marketing perspective. We can agree a budget & deliverables at agreed intervals; monthly or quarterly

–        How I work on a specific marketing project for you
We create a very definable scope. It could be market research & positioning, marketing strategy, brand development, social media, website etc.

–        How I work as your business mentor or advisor
I show you how to take the next action for yourself.

–        How I work as a Speaker at your Event
I’m best at those events where the voice of marketing can be beneficial. At such events I share the insights I’ve gleaned from working with so many different businesses over the years. I share the patterns I’ve seen that directly impact business growth and I share the techniques and strategies that work and don’t.

–        You can work directly with HowGreatMarketingWorks.
This is the culmination of years of working with businesses of many different sizes, shapes and stages. For just $12 a month get the benefit of all the ‘How To’s you need to make your marketing great.  I check in all the time to add new content and connect with each user at some point to ensure they are on track.

See what works for you. There’s lots of different ways to get in touch. You choose which works for you best.

Have a great day!

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