Seth Godin - the book

What does it sound like when you change your mind?

And so says the title of Seth Godin’s Blog new book which just arrived this morning delivered by the brave Mary who said to me as she lay the parcel gently down that “this is either a ton of bricks or a ton of gold… ”

Mary stayed with me as we uncovered what was inside the wonderful and unexpected box the book was packaged in. And yes indeed it was gold… this wonderful titan of a book as Seth puts it. It’s about 28 cm X 37 cm and about 6 cm deep. It’s an experience as indeed all change is 🙂

Opening it, is a ritual and one I remember from my time poring through the early printed books section of Trinity College Library. You’ve got to release the spine slowly…

  1. Open gently half way
  2. Then open each quarter half way
  3. and for this size book open one eighth each way.

With a book so large you’ve got to be patient and let it breathe just like a good wine.

Opening it helps to build the experience of discovering what’s inside. It’s an explosion of colour which forms a wonderful backdrop to the writings of one of my favourite marketing authors. It is selected writings from Seth Godin’s blog from 2012 to 2016.

On the inside cover there is a piece that I’ve got to share with you; it’s a reflection on change and an interesting one in our current climate…

“Rapid change exposes the work of outsiders, neophytes and most of all those attracted by the chance to grow.

Rapid change sweeps aside the status quo and those that defend it (the stuck former geniuses and the stuck bureaucrats). It replaces them with those willing to leap.

Revolutions make heroes at least as much as heroes make revolutions. “

Let’s embrace the change – our world needs it. Thank you Seth Godin for this beautiful book.


Finola Howard is a brand and marketing strategist who is passionate about the impact that great marketing can have on business success. She sees marketing in a broader more strategic sense and works with businesses and entrepreneurs who want to grow.

She is the creator of the online marketing course How Great Marketing Works. It is a break with the norm, something deep, thorough yet commercially focused. Against all the advice given to her, it is priced at far less than it’s value at just $12 per month. It is designed to make strategic thinking accessible to anyone who wants to build an effective marketing process for their business. Check it out.

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