The TruckScience Case Study

The Brief: Help TruckScience Rebrand & Build an Effective Marketing Process

My relationship with TruckScience is one that has grown since we met in 2012. I started working with the team in a mentoring capacity initially. This then progressed to a more implementation based partnership.  Now we keep in touch and I’m on hand whenever needed. 



The key milestones and deliverables so far include: 

  • ReBranding TruckScience (previously TransSolve) in a way that accurately defined them so that the target audience could understand quickly what they could do for them.  In short, articulating their remarkable truth’.
  • Helping the TruckScience team Identify, Profile and Target Attractive Customers for the offering thereby ensuring that all messaging and prospecting was appropriate.
  • Liaising with the Designer, Web Team and Video Team to Ensure that the Branding and Marketing Outputs delivered were on point and on brand every time.
  • Creating the Marketing Materials, Website & Overall Internet Presence to Communicate Key Messages to Customers.

Hats off to my collaborators John Rooney for Brand Development and all things Design, the team at Attik Designs for the website and One Productions for the Videos.

‘I would highly recommend Finola Howard. She’s not just interested in ticking marketing boxes. She peels away all the layers to get down to the core of the business and helps you rethink it before you start talking about it. 

She really understands the difference between the three key skills of Analysis, Design and Implementation. She does what she’s good at and then sources people who do what they’re good at. Other marketing agencies just try to do it all. She works on finding the best people for each aspect.

 When I think of Finola, the word strategy always pops into my head. The difference that she has made to the business is that we are much more strategic now. We have greater clarity and greater confidence around the business.  In the past, we sometimes did marketing for the sake of marketing.

Now we don’t do marketing unless it’s great marketing.’   Sorcha O’Grady, Director of Sales & Marketing, TruckScience.

 Finola Howard is a brand and marketing strategist who is passionate about the impact that great marketing can have on business success. She sees marketing in a broader more strategic sense and works with businesses and entrepreneurs who want to grow. You can find her on Twitter (@FinolaHoward) or on Facebook (

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