You know you are really good at what you do, but you are not quite sure what's unique about it.

You find yourself wondering if uniqueness really matters for your business anyway.

Your Uniqueness Matters when it's a Difference that Useful to Your Customers. 

When you identify that, you change the game for your own growth. 

Before you ever reach out to the market, it's critical to put the right foundations in place. 

We will work together to match your passion, your purpose and your uniqueness with customers that fit. We will ensure your products / services meet your customer's pain points at a price that works for both of you.

We will choose a business model together that sets you up for ongoing growth. 

We will build a strategy that is designed uniquely for you AND those you serve. A strategy that fits, that feels right for you and one you can believe in. 

Something that seeks greatness with the knowledge that more is yet to come. 

This is about setting you on the right path for success.

Sounds Great, Let's Talk

Finola asks all the hard questions in multiple different ways until your thinking becomes straight and you start to unfold the possibilities. She gets into the trenches with you and keeps on going till we get it right. She is direct, down to earth, approachable, kind and a very decent human being. A pure star.

Heather McGuire
Your Food. Your Choice. Your Table

True Positioning is Identifying that Unique Space in the Market You Can Call Your Own

It's got to be commercially viable and capable of growth. You've got to believe in it because you're the one who has to deliver on it. You've got to be comfortable that this is the right path for the next five years.

No more adhoc decision making. Just a clear path that you can follow and adjust when you need to. 

Clarity is the greatest deliverable from this process. 

So How Does It Work and What Will We Be Doing Together?

This is a collaborative process that occurs over 5 Live sessions and is captured in a personalised interface where we can do our work together. I will share some hand picked video guides and worksheets to work through before each session so that when we meet our time is optimised. 

Every session is dedicated to ensuring you have a positioning strategy that makes sense for you, is unique to you and the core messaging that embodies this positioning will be capable of being translated successfully into your brand, your website, your social media etc. 

With Every Client I Take The Following Proven Approach:

  1. We will start with "who" you are and "why" you are which is the essence of brand and positioning.
  2. We will look at your range of offerings to the marketplace, what they're called, how they're priced, how they're messaged and how all that makes sense together. 
  3. We will take a deep look at your target customers, understanding their pain points and the journey to take them from a target to a paying customer(s). 
  4. We will then sense check all of the above in light of your competitors so that we are really leveraging the right niche for you in the marketplace.
  5. We will explore your brand values together. This is a firm declaration of how you intend to do business in the world. It adds a layer of authenticity that will guide you in your business and your customers to you. 
  6. We will then pull all this information into a brand positioning and messaging strategy so that you move forward on this next stage of your journey having clearly defined your space in the market

At the end of this process you will have  a positioning strategy that makes sense for you, is unique to you and the core messaging that embodies this positioning will be capable of being translated successfully into your brand, your website, your social media etc. 

Elaine Russell
Leadership & Team Coach

Finola is enthusiastic energy, coupled with creative insight to guide her clients to articulate their why. Finola enabled me remove my own barriers, taught me new skills, introduced me to new tools and practices but mostly pushed me to think bigger.

 Finola’s magic is meeting her clients where they are at and knowing what will help them access their creative spirit. I relished and thoroughly enjoyed, diving into the process, knowing that Finola was my guiding creative sprit who would find me when I got lost and pull me back when I strayed off track. Thank you Finola for a wonderful creative experience which is grounding my work today.

Aidan Magner
Process Excellence Head, Business Process Transformation, 3SIXTY

Have no doubt about it Finola Howard will challenge you. And that is no bad thing. We all give birth to our companies and believe that we know best. Having worked with Finola, she challenged us to look up - to lift the head out of the day-to-day activities and look 5 and 10 years out, do dream big, and then dream bigger again.

She will change how you think. Is that easy - No - is it the most valuable use of your time here and now - absolutely YES. 
Allow Finola to bring you on that journey

Positioning FAQ

There is a tendency to think that marketing is about getting campaigns out the door as fast as possible without having nailed the positioning first. 

This makes it difficult for potential customers to build a relationship of trust because they simply don't know who you are or what you stand for. Trust is critical in order to translate any marketing campaign into sales. 

More than that, it makes it difficult for you to set actionable and achievable goals for the business. 

When you position your business for growth, you build a path towards satisfying your vision for the business while setting you up for a high converting sales process to fuel your growth. 

One cannot exist without the other for long. 

Your greatest chance of business success is about marrying your positioning strategy with targeted, focused campaigns that grow the business with you and leverage the right tools to build a marketing process that delivers not only results but create ease and consistency.

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What Happens When I've Nailed My Positioning?

There are 4 Key Steps Involved in Building out a Marketing Process that Delivers the results you ultimately want. Here are the next three steps.

Unlock your Brand Story

Let's Translate Your Positioning Into a Story You Love to Share AND Resonates With Your Chosen Customer

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Systemise Your Marketing Process

We Map Your Customer's Journey & Integrate it into Your Business so You Can Convert at Scale

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Marketing Leadership That Creates Ease

Aligning your Purpose with Vision are where the Next Great Leaps Are Made. 


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