You love that moment when you see the light bulb go on in their eyes...

...and you know you've delivered the transformation you promised. It's why you do what you do!

But it's not enough anymore. You want your own transformation.  You want the success you dreamed of when you started your business.

The thing is... 

you left the marketing till last because it was easier to focus on being the best, you could be, at what you do.

You know now, that your marketing is the secret to making your business dream real and to hitting the growth levels you want to be truly successful.

I can help you 

  • build a strategy that allows you to harvest all you've built and attract the right clients and customers to you.  
  • make a bigger impact with the people who need you most AND
  • scale what you do so you can achieve the revenue levels you want for the life you want to live.

Hi, I'm Finola

and I'm passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs take their next growth leap so they can reap the benefits of everything they’ve built to date.

I take a very blended approach to our work together. It’s pragmatic AND intuitive.

That's because, I know that if it doesn’t feel like you, it won’t work for you.

Every strategy and every action has to be in alignment with who you are and what you believe in, whether you are a solopreneur or an international powerhouse.

When it does, you know that the leap you make this time will work!


Clients, Past & Present

and the work continues...

I work with business owners and entrepreneurs like you who: 


  • Want to nail your point of difference, get better at marketing and shine your light brightly in the world.  
  • Know that the most effective marketing is a systemised driver for growth but you want to find a way to do that without losing who you are as a human.
  • Are ready to be truly visible in the world and want to expand your thinking, your environment, and your systems so you can truly scale your business sustainably and profitably.
  • Wherever you are on this journey, I'm here to help you.


To your sustainable and scalable business growth

This is that unique space in the market that you can call your own.

Your purpose, your values, your customers and the products & services you offer them are fully aligned. 

Your strategy is clear and your doubts are gone. It feels right because it is right for you. 

Ready to Own Your Space?

Once your positioning is clear, you are ready to build the engine that will drive your business growth.

You are now ready to draw your customers into your eco-system, build trust and convert them with greater ease and scalability.

Make no mistake. This is about building the machine that drives your revenue.

Time To Turn Your Engine On!

Real growth requires visibility and your visibility needs a platform from which to tell your story.

This is where we will choose it, build it and leverage it to grow your authority and build trust with your chosen audience.

When you speak, they will listen and you will draw them into your eco-system and that's where you will convert them. 

Become the Star of Your Own Show!

Based on over 30+ Years of working with businesses of different sizes, industries and lifespans, this 3 Stage methodology delivers results at every stage.

We worked Finola for the launch of our new female health supplement range, Herology. Being honest, I already felt like we had a solid grasp on how to best market ourselves, but once we started to deep-dive into our work with Finola, I quickly realised that we had only touched the surface, and we had a lot of work to do.


Had we launched without her help, we would have been doing the brand a disservice. We went into so much detail during our work with Finola, and it meant we came away feeling so confident about our brand story, understanding our ideal customer, how to best to market our products to our customer, even down to the unique vocabulary and tone of voice that would go along with our brand.


I can now say that working with Finola is one of the best investments we made before we launched, she's been such an incredible support.


Dr Michelle Hone, BSc PhD
Co-Founder of Herology and Founder of The Fit Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the stuff many of you have asked me before.

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