• Your Vision of Who or Where you want to be is the greatest asset you have."

    Paul Arden

    I want to help you achieve that!

  • Like People, Businesses need different types of support at different stages. I always like to be effective and impactful in my work and as such I take a very flexible view of how that can best be delivered. How I work with you is up to you. Let’s find the way that fits you best so we can make it GREAT.

  • Choose What Works Best for You

    There are always options. These are mine for you.

    Finola Howard works as your Advisor and Thinking Partner

    As Your Advisor & Thinking Partner

    Steering You in the Right Direction at Pivotal Points in your Growth.

    We work at a pace that suits you. Often it's monthly and thereafter it's about checking in periodically to keep you on track. I show you how to take the next action for yourself.

    Finola Howard delivers a specific Marketing project for you

    Delivering a Specific Marketing Project

    For Cornerstone Projects in Your Marketing Strategy.

    We create a very definable scope. It could be market research & positioning, brand development, website, social strategy etc.
    It's a tangible kickstart to transforming your marketing.

    Finola Howard works as your Outsourced Marketing Director

    As Your Outsourced Marketing Director

    We Create a Marketing Strategy together that Drives Growth.

    I work as part of your team to build your marketing process, leveraging everything you do & supporting your team at every stage. Budgets & Deliverables are agreed in advance.

  • It Makes Sense to Talk First

    So I invite you to book a FREE Intro Session or a 30 Minute / 1 Hour Advisory Session. We'll know very quickly what works best for you and then we can take it from there.


    Schedule a FREE 30 Minute Intro Session with Finola Howard

    30 Minute Intro

    Let's start with my Free 30 Minute Intro Session. We can see if we fit and how we could work together.


    We'll talk about the business and the marketing challenge that you are currently facing. Then, we'll figure out the best approach to solving it.

    Schedule a 30 Minute Advisory Session with Finola Howard

    30 Minute Advisory

    It's amazing what you can accomplish in just 30 minutes or less.

    Let's prepare in advance. Send me details of where you need help so I can take a look before we start. I'll know very quickly where the gaps are and what needs to be done to fix them.

    Schedule a 1 Hour Advisory Session with Finola Howard

    1 Hour Advisory

    In an Hour, we'll dive deep and address core issues. Change always comes after these sessions.

    My one hour sessions are often part of an ongoing relationship where we're working to build, grow and scale your business.