It's that ability to maintain height in the air without flapping wings or using engine power. That moment when you reap the benefits of all your hard work.

That's Where We Are Going.

Want To Join Me?

There is a Road Map for Every Journey. 

SOAR is Your Road Map To Scaling Your Business. 

Every business is unique and so too is the journey. We do not share the exact same experiences. We don't expect to. We do however, face similar challenges and sticking points along the way. 

So, as in every day life, maps are always useful. They indicate when the terrain gets rough and show you the best way through or around.

Based on over 25 Years of working with business of different sizes I've built a Road Map that helps you navigate this journey practically and effectively. Each point along the map is designed to facilitate significant leaps in growth. I've seen it happen, time and again. 

These are the fundamentals for an effective Marketing Strategy & Process interspersed with my knowledge of the growth journey. Once they are in place, they can be refined and can evolve based on how your business wants to move. Your growth is only limited by your intent. 

My Intent Is For You To SOAR!

That you will have the right foundations and systems in place to reach new heights in your business and maintain them with ease.

I've distilled this process into three distinct modules that match significant growth milestones - you move through them one at a time. 

SOAR Methodology

Strategy - Story - Systems

Three Part Proven Process That Will Scale Your Business. 

Engage with Finola Howard as your Advisor & Thinking Partner

Positioning Strategy

Module One

The Search For Your Marketable USP

  • Purpose, Mission, Vision & How That is Aligned with Felt Values & Culture.
  • Customer Analysis & Profiling from Your perspective & Theirs.
  • Market Trends, Competitors & Gap Analysis.
  • Aligning the Product Journey with Your Unique Positioning.
  • Clarifying the Strategy.
Work with Finola Howard on a Specific Marketing Project

Brand Story

Module Two

Translating Your USP into Messaging that Resonates

  • Building the Blueprint that Will Form the Cornerstone of your Brand & Story.
  • Ensuring Your Visual Brand & Voice are Consistent with the Blueprint & USP.  
  • Choosing the Optimum Channels & Opportunities to Reach Your Audience.
  • Applying that Blueprint Consistently to all Touchpoints incl. Website, Events, Social Media etc. 
Work with Finola Howard as your Outsourced Marketing Director

Systems that Scale

Module Three

Leveraging Patterns to Automate Impact

  • Customer Journey Mapping for Conversion Opportunities.
  • Content Strategy, Creation,  Repurposing & Roll Out.
  • Marketing Automation & Messaging of Opportunities Identified.
  • CRM Set Up & Lead Scoring. 
  • Analytics to Test, Measure & Improve.

Kind Words From Past Clients

Richard Rodger

CEO at Voxgig and Co-Founder of nearForm

I asked Finola to help put together the first proper marketing strategy at nearForm. Up to that point we had been "winging" it, and we needed some structure, very quickly and she delivered that.

She opened my eyes to the importance of Internal Marketing. To build a culture, you need to communicate internally, and this communication needs to be effective.

To make all this work, you need process. One of the Finola's key contributions was the design, introduction, and sustained execution of a marketing content delivery process. 

She took us to the next level.

Grzegorz Chuchra

CEO and Founder, Predica

Finola's approach to marketing is completely different from anything you'll see on the market. If you're looking for a quick "sales-boosting" campaign this is not the place to start. 

But if you're willing to take the more strategic path which is the longer, harder and definitely more challenging path where at the end the story of your company is shared with everyone then she is the perfect choice. 

Finola has exceptional listening, observation abilities and she will find the true story behind your company. And if you'll have the courage to tell it she will help you all the way. For us, she is the person who helped us find the "heart" behind "technology". I'll always be grateful for that!

How SOAR Works

We Build Your Scaling Strategy One Module At A Time. 

We Start with an Audit of Your Existing Marketing Strategy & Processes. 

I want to understand what's in place, what works, what doesn't and what your intent for the business is. It's important for me to know how and where you want to grow the business and by when. We build the trajectory with those goals in mind.  

I will share with you what I see as an independent set of eyes looking in and how that fits with your perspective. We can then benchmark where you are and decide on what the best starting point in the SOAR Methodology is for you; Module One, Two or Three. Each Module takes approx. 3 Months & Follows a Particular Format. 

  • Creation of a Dedicated Space for Your Business on the SOAR Platform where we will hold recordings of each session, templates and tools I'll be recommending. 
  • Weekly Zoom Sessions for 3 Months at an agreed regular time slot. We will have a goal for each session as we work through applying the SOAR Methodology to your business. We can decide at each point if you would like other members of your team to attend each session to maximise impact. 
  • Every Session Will Be Recorded, transcribed and stored in your dedicated SOAR Interface so if someone needs to replay some of the insights they can do so afterwards. This minimises time spent documenting conversations.
  • We Will Build a Living Action Plan which is shared and updated as we go so nothing will get left behind and everything is benchmarked.
  • Weekly Recommendations will be summed up at the end of each recorded session, added to the Living Action Plan and stored in your dedicated space. This keeps us focused and moving forward one step at a time.
  • Instructional Videos, Worksheets & Tools will be provided so you always know what to do and how to do it best. 
  • Dedicated Watercooler Space for quick questions or feedback where I can pop in with answers and guidance. In this way we are able to remain fluid with the process instead of waiting for our weekly live sessions to touch base. This has proven very useful for clients and keeps the momentum going in the process. 

Your Investment

SOAR is broken down into three distinct modules, each taking 3 Months to Complete.

  • In Module One
    We uncover your USP and identify where you can best be positioned in the marketplace with a clear strategy for how to achieve your goals. 
  • In Module Two
    We see whether your existing brand truly represents this new positioning. We build a blueprint to ensure your visuals and messaging are consistent and we choose the best channels and media for you to reach your target customers. 
  • In Module Three
    We focus on optimising the customer journey for conversion with effective content strategy, marketing automation and CRM enabled marketing process.  

Each module is €2,250 (+ VAT where appropriate) payable in advance

or €6,500 (+VAT where appropriate) if you choose to do the full SOAR program.

More Kind Words From Past Clients

Sorcha O'Grady, TruckScience

Finola challenged us to be Strategic about all of our Marketing and she constantly reminded us to think of our offering from our customer's point of view. She helped us to distill our message, and made sure that we were consistent in its delivery.

Ben Cronin, Kyckr

Finola is an excellent communicator and incredibly clear in thought. Working with Finola was key to Kyckr moving from being just an information provider to creating distinct products built on our core offering.

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