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    Finola Howard

    Brand Builder, Marketing Strategist and Thinking Partner...

    25+ Years working hands on with business owners who want to establish an effective marketing process, incl. putting the structures in place to make that possible and building that process from the ground up.

    Finola Howard

    Speaker & Writer

    I love to speak on topics around the area of the Entrepreneurial Journey, the Importance of Branding, the Impact of Social and Digital Marketing and of course Strategic Marketing.

    How Great Marketing Works

    Creator & Founder of How Great Marketing Works...

    An Accessible & Affordable Online Course that teaches businesses of all sizes how to build a marketing process that works for their business. It’s the perfect complement of strategy and action that leads to results - http://bit.ly/GetStrategic14DayTrial


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  • Testimonial for Finola Howard from Sorcha O'Grady, TruckScience

    Sorcha O'Grady, TruckScience

    Finola challenged us to be Strategic about all of our Marketing and she constantly reminded us to think of our offering from our customer's point of view, she helped us to distill our message, and made sure that we were consistent in its delivery.

    Testimonial for Finola Howard from Ben Cronin, Kyckr

    Ben Cronin, Kyckr

    Finola is an excellent communicator and incredibly clear in thought. She provided us with great guidance and common sense in dealing with our marketing needs.
    Working with Finola was key to Kyckr moving from being just an information provider to creating distinct products built on our core offering.

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    Finola Howard speaks at Women's Inspire Network 2018 Event

    11th April 2018 - Galway, Ireland

    Women's Inspire Network - Claim Your Space & Own It!

    How to Create Your Own Remarkable Brand - As Opening Speaker, I'll be sharing with you the tools I use with clients every day that are the building blocks of an effective brand, how to get the most out of your brand designer, how to create a visual voice for your business and so much more.


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