Success always leaves clues...

They point to a series of stages that can be mapped to any business. To your business, if you choose.

I've spent my career mapping success; what it takes, where the obstacles are and how to overcome them.  

Success is predictable, achievable and is best accomplished by shaping it to your vision of it.


To create Greater Ease in the Entrepreneurial Journey so that more purpose led people can make their impact in the world. 

Let's see where your business is on that success journey. Then we can map out the best next steps for you to take so you can build the business you always dreamed of having.

With Me

I work with a select number of clients each year on building their growth strategy.

It allows you to harvest all you've built, attract the right clients to you and scale what you do to achieve the revenue levels you want for your business. 

Take Your Next Growth Leap
With Me

Great marketing plays a pivotal role in the business growth journey. With so many moving parts I created a series of self-paced programs & a membership to help you get on top of it all.

It doesn't have to be complicated. You just need to be methodical about it.

Start with the Big Picture
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I've had so many wonderful conversations with people who have shared something about their success journey that really helped me grow in my own.

Listen in to these deeper conversations and learn from people who've been there before you or from other experts in the growth space. 

Your Truth Shared
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WHAT IF? Joy was how you measured success and the money proved you right! was written for the many entrepreneurs I've worked with over the years who were stuck in their own journey.

If you know you have potential for more but haven't fully unlocked it yet then this book is for you. 

Your Success is Not Passive
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I'm Finola Howard, Business Growth Strategist with a Joyful Heart, Speaker, Author, Sea Swimmer & Proud Mum

I cut my teeth in brand building, market positioning, business strategy, digital strategy, as a thinking partner to businesses who want to scale and more since 1992. 

I’ve walked hand in hand with my clients and the participants on my courses to help them get to where they want to go and I've taken my own journey on that path too.

My part in their success has been built on going deeper to uncover the beautiful truth of who they are and what they want to achieve.  

It’s about not being afraid to bring all of you to the table. That's where your uniqueness lies and let's face it being like everyone else won't make it through the noise. This is how you can realise your own success, whatever that means for you in a way that brings you joy and won't compromise who you are.


There are many ways for us to work together. In a group or one to one. You can take one of my self paced courses (some of them are free) or start by listening to my chart topping podcast.  

Every option is designed to help you think differently about your business AND your marketing.  

The Best Time to Begin is Now. Choose What Works for You.

Clients, Past and Present and the work continues...

CET Connect
Finola is exceptional at what she does. She came highly recommended at the early stages of building our brand. Following an exploratory call with Finola we realised very quickly that she was top of her game.
She challenged us on every level, pushing us deeper than we would have ever been able to go on our own. Her platform is superb and facilitates seamless collaborative work.
The breadth and intensity of the work Finola has covered with us in a relatively short period of time has added significant value to our brand and business strategy.


Dr Sarah Kelly, BSc, MSc, PhD
Co-Founder of Herology

Finola was an inspiration to work with from start to finish! We were totally stuck on knowing how to brand ourselves, as we hadn't done a lot of the foundation work as to who we are, and why we do what we do.
I had no idea how powerful this could be, and with Finola's help we dug deep and were able to really nail down who we are and what makes us tick.
The work is very powerful and we were left with a very clear vision of the business, and the steps needed to rebrand ourselves.
I believe the work we did with Finola has totally changed the business. Myself and all my team a new enthusiasm for the business, and the courage to move towards our vision for the future. The result has been priceless and it feels like these one on one sessions and her courses, were a huge investment rather than an expense.


Madeleine Blaine
Managing Director of The Collective and Silver Works


The Your Truth Shared Podcast 

Conversations to unlock the truth behind success.

These are the deeper conversations

about the lived experiences of entrepreneurs in many different fields. It is a celebration of success at every stage because every story brings value. 

We talk about the how’s, the why’s and the moments that change happened. It is in these small moments that we realise that we can do this too. Your Truth Shared is about inspiring the action that’s needed to take your business to the next level.

What Listeners are Saying...


Make It Bitesized

Think of it as your monthly growth check-in. A snippet on the state of the market coupled with doable actions that you can take each month to grow your business. One for every stage - Positioning | Engine | Amplify.

You're safe with me. I'll never spam you or sell your contact info.

Finola Howard

Business Growth Strategist with a Joyful Heart | 📕Best Selling Author: What If?🎙Top Ranked Podcast: Your Truth Shared | 🗣 Thought Provoking Speaker | 🏊‍♀️Sea Swimmer | Proud Mum 🙋‍♀️


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