I Believe in Breaking The Formula To Find Yours

Effective Processes are about doing something the same way every time so that you minimise the effort to maximise the output. 

The problem with that is, you start to sound like everybody else and just become part of the noise.


I Prefer To Go Deeper

and uncover what it is, that is inherently different about you. The things that drove you to build this business in the first place. Your purpose, your why and the vision you want to make so tangible that it can be both embraced and acted on.

I Call This "Your Truth"

It is the essence of your business distilled so beautifully that it is inarguable. It becomes the anchor point that grounds you as you reach for greater heights.  It's the first big challenge on the entrepreneurial journey because it's so closely intertwined with identity. And when you "crack it" there is a freedom that spurs you on to take your next great step. 

"Truth Telling" Is The Next Step

And because you believe it now, you are excited to communicate it to your target customers. Consistency is key here. Making sure that everything supports that truth so that others may believe you too. That's both inside and outside the business. Remember your first customers are your very own people.

When your goal is to scale; everyone needs to embrace the vision and the message. 

Finding The Customers That Believe Too

You know you've created something truly meaningful when it makes a difference to those you wanted to serve when you originally had your business idea. More than that, what you're looking for are those customers who share your truth with others like them. They do this because they now believe too. 

This is our goal; to create marketing so powerful that others want to share it. 

When Others Share, You're Ready to Scale 

That's when we remake your formula. We follow the signs your customers give us so we can harness every opportunity to grow the business. We batch, we automate, we repurpose, we track and we learn; improving the process at every stage. 

That Is When You Will Truly SOAR!

And as I watch that happen I am reminded of my own purpose and know I am on the right track!

Marketing is Your Truth Told

Great Marketing is Your Truth Shared!

Finola Howard

A Little About Me

  • Listed as one of Ireland's Top Women in Digital Marketing

  • My Blog was one of the Top Ten Marketing Blogs in Ireland by Search Engine Journal.¬†

  • Social Media following of over 78,000 followers across multiple social media channels.
  • I'm An Avid Year Round Sea Swimmer.¬†I Just Love It!

I've A Reputation for Listening

It's so I can really hear you. We all want our truth shared and when I hear yours I move quickly to carving out the path that helps you release that truth in all your marketing and achieve your purpose. 

I Show You What I Know

I don't recommend it unless I've tested it, used it and seen the results. I want to short cut your learning curve so I'll share the tools and resources that work best for where you are now and where you want to be. 

I Keep Learning

And I pass it on. So, you'll always have the benefit of my commitment to ongoing learning. 

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Are you ready to scale your business?