I've been tracking entrepreneurial growth patterns for nearly 25 years now and for years people have been asking me when my book is coming out.  It's been there all along; percolating inside of me as I've tracked every lever to success and every pitfall that I've witnessed with clients and experienced in my own business - some are mindset, some cultural and some are the pauses we take before we leap.  


So this is my own leap and what a leap it's been.

About a year ago I joined a cohort with four others who also had something they wanted to share with the world.

We kept each other on track and now we each have completed the writing phase of this  powerful journey.We have all been changed by it in our own ways.

Now we move into the publishing phase and I hope you will stay with me for this leg of the journey.

Do I need help?

Absolutely! I'm still seeking people to read and review the book and of course I'll really need help when it comes to launch. 

If you'd like to help me get this book into as many hands as possible I will be forever grateful.  You can join my book lover's team here by subscribing below and that's where I'll share some inside scoops on what it takes to get your book out into the world.

I'm planning some bonuses in here too which I think you'll find useful.

When will it be ready to publish?

We're aiming for the end of April 2024 so it's really close now! This is when I really need your help.

Am I excited?

Yes. It sparks so many feelings; nervousness, excitement and an emerging desire to share the insights that may help your entrepreneurial journey go that little bit easier. I hope you'll keep me company along the way.

Thanks For Joining My Book Lover's Team!

Thanks so much for showing interest in my book project. The purpose of this form is to build a list of people around me who are interested in this book, how it's coming into being and when it goes to publication. I hope you're one of those!

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