Finola Howard, Strategist, Marketer, Author, Podcaster

You already know that great marketing is pivotal to your success... 

 but there are so many moving parts it's hard to get on top of it all.  

The reality is, it doesn't have to be so complicated. You just need to be methodical about it.

It's Best to Start with the Big Picture 

This will help you figure out what you want from the business, what you're selling, to whom and how it all fits together.

We keep it really simple and then we drill down. This is how you will stay clear, focused on what matters while seeing how everything connects to deliver the results you want.

The Powerful Planner

This 6 Page Planning System will revolutionise how you manage your business.

  • 5 Year Plan¬†that holds the big picture of your business.
  • Annual Plan¬†that brings the big picture to life this year.
  • 90 Day Plan that shows you how to break every quarter down month by month so you can hit your targets every time.
  • Product Journey¬†Funnel where you plan the journey your customers take so you can solve their pain.
  • Integrated Sales & Marketing Calendar that helps you map out the year ahead in terms of content, campaigns and offers.
  • Financial & Key Metrics Scorecard so you can track what matters as it happens.
This is what I need!


When you're ready to go deeper,
it'll be time to Get Strategic!

Get Strategic Get Results

The Complete A-Z Guide to successfully position your business & own that coveted space in your customers mind.

  • Connect all the dots in your marketing¬†
    Not just your marketing but your business too. They need to make sense together. You'll do it in a way that do is fully aligned so that you come to the marketplace with a message that is fully intact and credible.

  • Be your own marketing guru
    This will give you certainty and you'll never second guess yourself again. You'll know who you are, who your target customer is and you'll know exactly how to reach them.

  • Balance strategy with action
    Every action you take from here on in is with the big picture in mind. You won't just know what to do but why you're doing it. And you'll measure it every step of the way so you never go off course again!

  • I'll be here when you have questions
    This might be an evergreen course but I'm committed to your success. At the end of every lesson there is the ability to ask questions or make comments and I'll be there to respond and clarify.
I need to make my marketing work for me!

And when you're ready for the next level, come here.

SOAR is a 12 Month Growth-Led Membership Programme designed to take you to the next level.  

Next-level membership for next-level entrepreneurs.

SOAR is about building Ease into your next level growth

It's about business models that deliver scalable results and automation that creates space for real connection. Most importantly it's about balancing it all with joy as our north-facing compass point. 

  • Underpinned by a proven curriculum including¬†extensive video lessons, templates and tools that you will use to scale your business, sustainably and measurably.¬†
  • Live, guided get-it-done style sessions with Finola, or guest experts, sharing new insights, marketing techniques, growth levers and business models that will make the difference.¬†¬†
  • Live sounding board sessions¬†where you get to bounce ideas around with peers about challenges you are facing in your business right now. Nothing will be left unresolved.¬†
  • A dynamic community of¬†ambitious entrepreneurs like you who are committed to building a business that balances joy, freedom and financial abundance.¬†¬†
  • Test Lab¬†where you can test ideas before you roll them out. The feedback here has increased the results for past SOAR members exponentially.¬†Learn by doing and refine what works.¬†
  • And more...¬†we're finalising the details of some exciting challenges and supports that we'll release soon.
  • Doors Open September 2024!
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