Real growth requires visibility and...

... you're ready to be seen now. But this time it'll be in a way that plays to your strengths and yields the greatest rewards for you and your business.  

This time your visibility will be at a price you are willing to pay.

It will be with purpose. It will look and feel like you. It will add value to your audience AND to your business. 

Most of all, your visibility will not steal your energy or be some shotgun exercise of hoping something will finally stick at the wall, any wall.  This will be strategic, results focused and systematic so you can enjoy the journey as you go.

Okay, let's check where you are right now.

If you've done Stages One and Two of my 3 Stage Process, you'll have nailed your positioning AND you'll have built the marketing process that drives your business growth. 

You're ready to be seen by more of the people you want to reach and pull them into your ecosystem.

For that you need a bigger platform. Now, when I say platform don't get sidetracked, it's just a way for you to see your own visibility strategy as a connected organism. 

That platform of yours is going to include every way you expand your reach from social, to podcasts, to books, speaking gigs, traditional media and more. 

And we'll do it in a way that makes sense, works together so you get synergistic benefits every time. No silo's allowed here. Everything has got to work together to yield the greatest return. 

That return has got to include increased revenue, increased opportunities AND impact.

This is visibility that delivers a return, flows seamlessly and grows exponentially over time.

Sounds Great, Let's Talk
Finola Howard, Marketer and Strategist, Ireland

I couldn’t recommend or speak more highly of Finola - as a guide, mentor, teacher, strategist and woman doing her work in the world. This has honestly been one of the most important relationships on my business path. Because of course, business is also personal and she supports me on the strategic part as well as the inner, heart stuff that can sometimes defy logic.

Finola has this totally unique way of deftly shining a light on the true way forward, with expertise & calm kindness, illuminating the way that allows you to access your flow as a human so that you can do your best work. She’s magic. 

Sally Murphy, Well Told
Communications Consultant & Trainer

Say NO to visibility that gets you applause and engagement but doesn't grow your business.


Say YES to the right enquiries, reaching your sales goals & making your impact in the world. 


With Every Client I Take The Following Proven Approach

  • We will start with co-ordinating all your visibility points into a cohesive visibility strategy incl. social, podcasts, youtube, books, speaking gigs etc. 
  • We will build out your core content strategy from top to bottom of the funnel. We want to speak to your customers at every stage of their buying journey culminating in consistent sales for your business.
  • The work we did together on pain points in stage one - positioning - and how they are expressed will be key here. Their language will become part of your brand voice. It’s what they can relate to best.
  •  We will identify your core pillar content and key messaging to grow your authority, prove your authenticity and build relatability with your chosen customers.
  • We will build out your story bank so you can easily draw on them for a media interview, a speech, a meeting and other visibility opportunities as they arise.
  • We will ensure that every platform you choose has a clearly defined & impactful job within your overall visibility strategy; podcasts, books, youtube, speaking, blog, social media etc.
  •  We will look at batching, repurposing, outsourcing & AI to maximise the resources you have access to. This is your content creating engine that will integrate comfortably with the processes we built out in stage two of your growth strategy – process.  
  • We will identify and model the next key roles you need to hire or outsource with a clear timeline for onboarding so you can continue to scale with ease. 
  • This content engine will give you confidence in your consistency. You'll know your content at least 4 weeks in advance. 
  •  We will get strategic with your copy for every post. Like your chosen platforms, every post has a job. That job is conversion and we will measure what works every time.
  •  We will align your visibility platform with the sales led Campaign Calendar you built in stage two of your growth strategy. Like everything else in your business, your content has targets to hit.
  • We will build a content hub that will make it easy to measure, leverage and repurpose your content so nothing you’ve created is ever lost.
  • Analytics will underpin this entire process to ensure we can measure what works as we go. 

At the end of this process your visibility will be an integral part of your overall growth strategy. 


And you will finally have the business you always dreamed of having.

"As a highly sensitive person and business owner it was essential to me that I worked with a strategist who understood that I wanted to market my business in a way that aligned with my values and with how I like to be marketed to : With a voice that is authentic, clear but not pushy or forceful.

Finola understood that from the get go, and passionately believes the same. She has encouraged me to always listen to what feels right for me and that I get to choose how I position my brand and voice in the market."

Dr Julie Meehan

Clinical Psychologist, Parent Guide & Imperfect Parent

"Finola's approach to marketing is completely different from anything you'll see on the market. If you're looking for a quick "sales-boosting" campaign this is not the place to start. But if you're willing to take the more strategic path where at the end the story of your company is shared with everyone then she is the perfect choice.

Finola has exceptional listening, observation abilities and she will find the true story behind your company. And if you'll have the courage to tell it she will help you all the way. For us, she is the person who helped us find the "heart" behind "technology". I'll always be grateful for that!

Grzegorz Chuchra

Co-Founder & CEO of tedee, Co-Founder & Former CEO of Predica (now Software One)

Build Your Visibility Platform FAQ


So many initiatives in this space are adhoc and fragmented. The greatest synergy happens when everything you say and do works together towards a common goal. That common goal is the realisation of your purpose delivered through the medium of your business growth. 

When we are strategic in this space there is no dissonance, there is no noise just a singular, robust message of who you are, what you stand for and what you have to offer the world.

Think of this singularity like an orchestra. There are many individual instruments and each has it's own contribution to the overall harmony. Your visibility strategy is about delivering that harmony in everything you do.


What Else Do I Need to Consider to Make Sure my Marketing Works?

This is a 3 Stage Methodology to build a business which is sustainable, scalable and profitable. A business that delivers the results you want for you and your life. Here are the other two stages.


This is that unique space in the market that you can call your own.

Your purpose, your values, your customers and the products & services you offer them are fully aligned. 

Your strategy is clear and your doubts are gone. It feels right because it is right for you. 


Ready to Own Your Space?


Once your positioning is clear, you are ready to build the engine that will drive your business growth.

You are now ready to draw your customers into your eco-system, build trust and convert them with greater ease and scalability.

Make no mistake. This is about building the machine that drives your revenue.

Time to Turn Your Engine On!

Finola Howard

Business Growth Strategist with a Joyful Heart | 📕Best Selling Author: What If?🎙Top Ranked Podcast: Your Truth Shared | 🗣 Thought Provoking Speaker | 🏊‍♀️Sea Swimmer | Proud Mum 🙋‍♀️


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