You've reached a ceiling in your business. It's time to build something that allows you to convert at scale.  

You know that what got you here won't get you there. 

It's Time To Pay Attention to What the Data is Telling You. 

The intent is to always have a steady flow of business that converts for you. With your positioning clear and your story fully aligned, it's time to focus on building a process that guides your customers from awareness to conversion in increasing growth cycles.

We will work together to map your customer's journey and build a scaling strategy that not only identifies new opportunities for growth but also focuses on connecting the numbers with every action. 

Numbers that are designed for expanding your reach, your impact and your conversions. You'll know why those numbers are there and how to move them in the right direction. 

We will look for patterns at each point so we can automate for impact and scale. We will choose tools that make sense for your business so that there is a sense of ease with each process.


Sounds Great, Let's Talk

Your Uniqueness Matters when it's a Difference that Useful to Your Customers. 

When you identify that, you change the game for your own growth. 

Before you ever reach out to the market, it's critical to put the right foundations in place. 

We will work together to match your passion, your purpose and your uniqueness with customers that fit. We will ensure your products / services meet your customer's pain points at a price that works for both of you.

We will choose a business model together that sets you up for ongoing growth. 

We will build a strategy that is designed uniquely for you AND those you serve. A strategy that fits, that feels right for you and one you can believe in. 

Something that seeks greatness with the knowledge that more is yet to come. 

This is about setting you on the right path for success.

Sounds Great, Let's Talk

"To make all your marketing work, you need process. The marketing team needs to have a system in place to deliver on a regular schedule. This is a key element of marketing implementation that often gets lost in the enthusiasm for new ideas and strategic initiatives. Without process, these great ideas often die on the vine, their promise betrayed by poor execution. One of the Finola's key contributions was the design, introduction, and sustained execution of a marketing content delivery process. She took us to the next level. "

Richard Rodger
CEO & Founder Voxgig & NearForm

Marketing works best when you systemise the repetitive so you can create space for the personal.

This is not just about automation. It's about stacking the offerings that work and fully resourcing them with processes that deliver results for the whole business. 

It's not just about seeing how everything connects. It's about making sure it does. 

The more you build for growth, the more you grow. 


So How Does It Work and What Will We Be Doing Together?

This is a collaborative process that occurs over 5 Live sessions and is captured in a personalised interface where we can do our work together. I will share some hand picked video guides and worksheets to work through before each session so that when we meet our time is optimised. 

Every session is dedicated to ensuring you understand what's working, where the leaks are and where the opportunities are for more. Achieving more doesn't mean you have to do more. It's about applying the right tools to multiply your impact with the same level of effort.  This is about systemising what works so you can create space for what's next. 

With Every Client I Take The Following Proven Approach

We will start by seeing how the market is reacting to everything they've seen so far; campaigns, engagement, sales, analytics.
We will map those analytics to your customers journey as to how they solve their pain & find opportunities to leverage more.
We will build out your Sales & Marketing Funnel & ensure you are ready for a constant flow through that funnel.
We will review the revenue model to see where there is room for expansion. The model has to work for you AND your business. If it doesn't you can't scale.


The next step is CRM integration into the business. This is about moving you beyond simple automation into true relationship building and optimising sales opportunities as they arise.
Identifying the right Growth Levers is next. They're different for everyone and can incl. Ad readiness, Podcasting, PR, Authorship, Speaking, Events & more.

At the end of this process you will have a scaling strategy that not only identifies new growth opportunities but also focuses on connecting the numbers with every action.  

"Working with Finola 1-2-1 meant no more procrastination or indecision. Finola helped me visualize a future for my business that I had not let myself even dream of. 

With her positivity, enthusiasm and her gentle nudging to take swift action, I have overcome hurdles which have held me back for many years.

Finola challenged me gently by asking the right questions to help me step outside my comfort zone and imagine what could be possible if I looked at my business from a different angle. I have a clear path now of where the business is going. The regular checkins made me accountable and focused - just what I needed."

Mary Jennings
Forget the Gym

"As part of the next stage of our business growth, I engaged Finola to work on our marketing strategy and the key messages that we wanted to promote to our audience. Finola gained a strong grasp of our business and asked the right questions from the outset.

A year or two on and I look back on the time working together as a good investment. Finola has a strong reputation which is well justified.

Paul McClatchie
Founder at Engage People - Leading Irish Financial Recruitment

"Finola is enthusiastic energy, coupled with creative insight to guide her clients to articulate their why. Finola enabled me remove my own barriers, taught me new skills, introduced me to new tools and practices but mostly pushed me to think bigger.

Finola’s magic is meeting her clients where they are at and knowing what will help them access their creative spirit. I relished and thoroughly enjoyed, diving into the process, knowing that Finola was my guiding creative sprit who would find me when I got lost and pull me back when I strayed off track. Thank you Finola for a wonderful creative experience which is grounding my work today."

Elaine Russell
Leadership & Team Coach

"Have no doubt about it Finola Howard will challenge you. And that is no bad thing. We all give birth to our companies and believe that we know best. Having worked with Finola, she challenged us to look up - to lift the head out of the day-to-day activities and look 5 and 10 years out, do dream big, and then dream bigger again.

She will change how you think. Is that easy - No - is it the most valuable use of your time here and now - absolutely YES. 
Allow Finola to bring you on that journey. "

Aidan Magner
Process Excellence Head, Business Process Transformation, 3SIXTY

Marketing Process FAQ

Systemising your marketing process is not about taking the human out of the equation. It's about creating greater reach with less effort. It's about not missing the opportunities that are just lying there waiting to be actioned. 

It's about using the data to firstly hear your customers, giving them more of what they want and need. It's about ensuring they feel supported and noticed so you can deepen your relationship with them. It's about moving beyond the transactional and into scalable relationships. It's about truly understanding the potential for your business and removing limits to growth.

This is about clarity and certainty and yet leaves space for flexibility to your growth. This is about creating time to hear your customers and then act appropriately.


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What Else Do I Need to Consider to Make Sure my Marketing Works?

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Marketing Leadership That Creates Ease

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