Do you feel your messaging just sounds the same as everyone else?

When what you really want to do, is speak to your customers in a way that shows them, that you are the person, with the answers they need. 

You want to stand out but you don't know how. 

You want to know how to tell your story in a way that will work.

In fact, you're not even sure what that story is or which bits are relevant. 

Let me reassure you, every business has a story to tell.

It's the essence of who you are and why your business exists. It's the well from which you will build authority, authenticity and relatability.

Most importantly, it's how the market will decide whether to buy from you or not.  We're going to help the market decide on YOU!

We will work together to unlock your brand story so that it can be expressed with impact; visually, with sound and in text.

From this point forward you will know what to say, how, where and when to say it. You will tell it clearly and consistently so that at last you will be heard by the customers that are right for you. 


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Finola Howard, Marketer and Strategist, Ireland

I couldn’t recommend or speak more highly of Finola - as a guide, mentor, teacher, strategist and woman doing her work in the world. This has honestly been one of the most important relationships on my business path. Because of course, business is also personal and she supports me on the strategic part as well as the inner, heart stuff that can sometimes defy logic.

Finola has this totally unique way of deftly shining a light on the true way forward, with expertise & calm kindness, illuminating the way that allows you to access your flow as a human so that you can do your best work. She’s magic. 

Sally Murphy, Well Told
Communications Consultant & Trainer

You Will Unlock Your Brand Story with Authority, Authenticity and Relatability. 


In our positioning work together you chose the space you want to own. Now, we need to prove that you do in fact "own that space" with content that shows your authority here. This is how your customers will know you own the space and so too will Google.

Google wants to know if you are the authority in that space and you must show them you are.

But your customer wants more than that. Authority is no longer enough to make a difference to them. Your customer wants to know about you the person. They want to know your human side. 

They want to know if you are authentic, if they can trust you and they want to be able to relate to you. 

Our strategy therefore; is to structure your content into three types of messaging that will amplify your authority, your authenticity and your relatability. 

And we will do this in a way that is manageable, connected to your revenue goals and capable of being delivered with ease. 

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So How Does It Work and What Will We Be Doing Together?

This is a collaborative process that occurs over 5 Live sessions and is captured in a personalised interface where we can do our work together. I will share some hand picked video guides and worksheets to work through before each session so that when we meet our time is optimised. 

Every session is dedicated to ensuring you have a content strategy and process that makes sense for you and that from this point forward you will know what to say, how, where and when to say it. You will tell it clearly and consistently so that at last you will be heard by the customers that are right for you and who will grow your business. 


With Every Client I Take The Following Proven Approach

We will start with identifying your "pillar content" to grow your authority, prove your authenticity and build relatability with your target audience.


We will look at how to make it workable so you can be confident in your consistency with your chosen platforms: blogs, vlogs, podcasts, social media etc. We will look at batching, repurposing, outsourcing & AI to maximise the resources you have access to.


We will align your content with a revenue focused marketing calendar so that your message has balance between relationship building and sales promotion.


We will build a content hub that allows you to manage and leverage your content effectively and repeatedly both visually and in words. 
We will align your social media calendar with your marketing calendar so you'll know your content months in advance. This is a powerful device for when you add members to your team.


We will draw your audience into your marketing funnel with email sequencing and a value led newsletter deepening trust & increasing conversion opportunities.


We will build a story bank and media kit so you are ready when PR and Visibility Opportunities arise

At the end of this process you will have a content strategy and process that makes sense for you.

From this point forward you will know what to say, how, where and when to say it. You will tell it clearly and consistently so that at last you will be heard by the customers that are right for you and who will grow your business.

"As a highly sensitive person and business owner it was essential to me that I worked with a strategist who understood that I wanted to market my business in a way that aligned with my values and with how I like to be marketed to : With a voice that is authentic, clear but not pushy or forceful.

Finola understood that from the get go, and passionately believes the same. She has encouraged me to always listen to what feels right for me and that I get to choose how I position my brand and voice in the market."

Dr Julie Meehan

Clinical Psychologist, Parent Guide & Imperfect Parent

"Finola's approach to marketing is completely different from anything you'll see on the market. If you're looking for a quick "sales-boosting" campaign this is not the place to start. But if you're willing to take the more strategic path where at the end the story of your company is shared with everyone then she is the perfect choice.

Finola has exceptional listening, observation abilities and she will find the true story behind your company. And if you'll have the courage to tell it she will help you all the way. For us, she is the person who helped us find the "heart" behind "technology". I'll always be grateful for that!

Grzegorz Chuchra

Co-Founder & CEO of tedee, Co-Founder & Former CEO of Predica (now Software One)

Unlock Your Brand Story FAQ


The practice of livestock branding actually dates back to the ancient Egyptians way before the dawn of the cowboy and cattle ranchers.

What I love about this idea of branding is that it was a way of staking your claim; of saying "This is Mine!".

That's what we will do together. In our positioning work together we identified that space in the market that you wish to own.

In this process we will work together to help you stake your claim powerfully and with confidence.


You will consciously create content with purpose.

  • Building authority with the solutions you have for solving your customer's pain.

  • Proving your authenticity by sharing what you stand for, sometimes even creating a movement around it.

  • Show yourself as relatable with the personal nuggets you share that show your humanness but never compromise your privacy.¬†

When you unlock your brand story in this way, you have the greatest chance of widening your audience and drawing them into your sales and marketing process.

Gone will be the hamster wheel of content for content's sake. Instead you will have truly staked your claim in the marketplace for what you positioned yourself to do. 


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What Else Do I Need to Consider to Make Sure my Marketing Works?

There are 4 Key Steps Involved in Building out a Business & Marketing Strategy that Delivers the results you ultimately want.  Here are the other three.

Position Your Business For Growth

This is the search for that Unique Space in the Market that you can Call Your Own.

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Systemise Your Marketing Process

We Map Your Customer's Journey & Integrate it into Your Business so You Can Convert at Scale

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Marketing Leadership That Creates Ease

Aligning your Purpose with Vision are where the Next Great Leaps Are Made. Let's Talk. 

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