Have you Lost Your Voice in Your Communications?

When I think of voice in a marketing context I think about the first steps we take in communication. Those steps are tentative and often unsure. It’s where we first tell our story to others outside of our immediate sphere. It’s the true test of whether our “pitch” just sounded great inside our own heads or whether it actually resonates with the people we want it to reach.

Lost Your Voice in your Communications?

That’s the scary bit – how will they (everyone else) react to what we say. Will they laugh? Will they yawn? Or will this pitch be, just another contributor to the noise they hear every day?

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So what is Blab and why would you want to?

When I was growing up “to blab” was to “talk too much”. And I’m sure you can guess I might have been accused of that once or twice myself. Since those early days of “Kissing the Blarney Stone”  I’ve been able to turn that tendency into an asset as a marketer and added “listening” to the mix aswell.

So Would you Blab

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I want to live in a world like this. Do you?

I want to live in a world like this; where there is no poverty or hunger, where good health and wellbeing is possible for all, where you can get a quality education and there is gender equality. I want to live in a world like this; where there is clean water and sanitation for everyone, where we can access affordable and clean energy and save our planet. I want to live in a world like this….

The Global Goals

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Climate Change as a Threat to Human Rights & What Needs to be done

Consider re positioning Climate Change as a threat to Human Rights and it might become more real.   The phrase CLIMATE=JUSTICE is starting to gain momentum.

Take some time and watch this TED Talk from Mary Robinson as she elaborates on the real impact Global Warming has on real families, communities and even whole countries who need to provide for their sovereign country falling into the sea.

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What is the Customer Journey and How to Unlock it

I had an interesting conversation with a client recently about ‘naming the resistance’. We discussed how ‘naming the resistance’ to something can result in most challenges in a business (and indeed life) falling away. And once the resistance is named action often follows suit.

Know your Customer

In my experience, one of the greatest points of resistance in marketing terms for any businesses is it’s knowledge of their customer and more specifically that customer’s journey with them.

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Top 10 Tips on How to use Twitter in your Marketing

I believe in an integrated approach to marketing. That it should be built cohesively around a central hub which is your business. Twitter is a spoke on that hub. It can be useful. It can be powerful and it most certainly can contribute to the bottom line.

Top 10 Tips on How to use Twitter

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Brand Effectiveness – Want to know how to measure it?

Brand is often perceived as an intangible that can’t be measured. It seems ambiguous and something that is often indescribable. Yet it is real and has a financially proven impact on the bottom line.

The Starbucks Effect

Before Starbucks we would have paid $0.50 for a coffee now we are buying a Starbucks Grande Latte for $3.65 in the U.S. And Dyson changed how we think about how much we pay for vacuum’s.

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