About Finola Howard

Finola Howard is the Founder and Creator of How Great Marketing Works: An Accessible & Affordable Online Course that teaches businesses of all sizes how to build a marketing process that works for their business. It’s the perfect complement of strategy and action that leads to results – Check it out with this FREE 14 Day Trial.

On a day to day basis I’m a Brand Builder, Marketing Strategist and Thinking Partner to Businesses that want to Scale.  I work with clients in Ireland, the UK, USA, Australia and often further afield since 1992.

I work hands on with business owners who want to establish an effective marketing process, often putting the structures in place to make that possible and building that process from the ground up.  I work at the pace that suits the required growth trajectory and I ensure that the marketing matches the vision of the business.

Often found working in such diverse sectors as Tech, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Retail and Consulting; I’m a real believer in cross pollinating ideas from one sector to another. Great marketing is Customer Centric and once you understand that everything else is possible.

An Integrated Marketing Approach is a cornerstone of how I work blending the traditional with the non- traditional, the thinking with the doing, the offline with the digital and so on. I’ve a total social media following of over 78,000 followers on multiple social media channels. I’ve been listed as one of Ireland’s Top Women in Digital Marketing and my blog was one of the Top Ten Marketing Blogs in Ireland by Search Engine Journal.

I’ve built brands that transform businesses and change how they view their business at a very fundamental basis.  I’ve created marketing processes that help companies grow at a rate faster than they originally envisioned for themselves. I ask the tough questions so that we can find the right answers together.  I believe in my clients and that underpins every engagement.

I believe that every business can achieve this success if they are open to it and willing to do what it takes to get to where they want to go.  That’s why I built HowGreatMarketingWorks.com. I wanted any business no matter its size or stage in the entrepreneurial journey to access the knowledge that I’ve spent the last 25 + years accumulating and perfecting.

I love to speak on topics around the area of the Entrepreneurial Journey, Branding, the Impact of Social and Digital Marketing and Strategic Marketing.

You can find my writing here, on LinkedIn and on the Blog at HowGreatMarketingWorks.com.

Marketing Strategist • Branding • Social Media • Speaker • Passionate about Growth • Marketing as Truth • Entrepreneurship.

I love to connect with people because there’s always an opportunity to make a difference so feel free to to reach out on LinkedIn on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and let’s see if there’s something we can do together.

I look forward to working with you some time.

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