The Lost Art of Competitor Analysis & How to Perfect it

As a practical marketing tool, competitor analysis is one of the most useful and most grounded. It identifies both the similarities and differences between players in the marketplace and most importantly it identifies clear gaps that have yet to be tapped and leveraged.

Find the Gap and Embrace Your Difference

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Branding Spotlight – What It Is and How to Do it Better.

Branding Spotlight by Finola Howard

So Let’s start with clearly identifying what Branding is and what it isn’t.

We all know the history of the term that originates with cattle branding as a way of clearly identifying ownership of herds. Time has moved on since then and so has branding and what it has come to represent. And with that of course comes misrepresentations and misconceptions too. 

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Marketing Bites: The Business Card

One might think that in this technologically obsessed world in which we live that the Business Card is now defunct. One might even assume that people aren’t interested in collecting business cards at all. They’ll just bump phones with you and get your contacts that way. Alternatively they might connect with you on LinkedIn before you even meet and collect your details that way.

It's Me Business Card

Best Business Card Designs from Paste Magazine – click for more examples

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6 Steps to Positioning your Business to be more Successful

All great marketing is about great preparation. It’s the ability to ask the right questions, make the right deductions from the answers and carve a path that will move your business to where you want it to go.  It’s about positioning your business effectively in the marketplace.

Once you’ve done the work then your marketing will work. It really is that simple.


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In Gratitude

I was always taught to say thanks and there is no better time to say it than right now.

This is a post in gratitude.

Thanks to Scott de Buitleir of Tinderpoint for including me in their list of Ireland’s Top Women Digital Marketers .

Ireland's Top Women Digital Marketers

It’s an honour to be in such good company. So hat’s off to my compatriots on the list

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Do you know what you are for?

The best business advice or insights often come from unusual sources. One of mine came from my son when he was just three years old.

We were in the car driving to his grandparents and he asked me this question and it has stayed with me ever since:  Mammy: What are you for?

What are you for?

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