Brand Effectiveness – Want to know how to measure it?

Brand is often perceived as an intangible that can’t be measured. It seems ambiguous and something that is often indescribable. Yet it is real and has a financially proven impact on the bottom line.

The Starbucks Effect

Before Starbucks we would have paid $0.50 for a coffee now we are buying a Starbucks Grande Latte for $3.65 in the U.S. And Dyson changed how we think about how much we pay for vacuum’s.

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Launching a Brand? Make sure you get these right first!

Branding for me is a critical, foundational piece in every marketing strategy. It brings clarity and it answers questions from the marketplace before they are ever even asked. If you don’t have clarity here, the marketplace will smell it and challenge you for it. That’s why before you even think of launching a brand you need to make sure you get these 9 things right first. Launching a Brand - by Finola Howard Continue reading

For Those Who Just Get On With It – Thanks!

I love people who just get on with it. They see the problems and think of them as challenges that they just have to work around to get to where they want to go.

They inspire me to do better. They show me that things could be worse and better… in equal measure… so ‘just get on with it’. None more so than a client that I worked with for a very short period about four years ago.


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The Lost Art of Competitor Analysis & How to Perfect it

As a practical marketing tool, competitor analysis is one of the most useful and most grounded. It identifies both the similarities and differences between players in the marketplace and most importantly it identifies clear gaps that have yet to be tapped and leveraged.

Find the Gap and Embrace Your Difference

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Branding Spotlight – What It Is and How to Do it Better.

Branding Spotlight by Finola Howard

So Let’s start with clearly identifying what Branding is and what it isn’t.

We all know the history of the term that originates with cattle branding as a way of clearly identifying ownership of herds. Time has moved on since then and so has branding and what it has come to represent. And with that of course comes misrepresentations and misconceptions too. 

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Marketing Bites: The Business Card

One might think that in this technologically obsessed world in which we live that the Business Card is now defunct. One might even assume that people aren’t interested in collecting business cards at all. They’ll just bump phones with you and get your contacts that way. Alternatively they might connect with you on LinkedIn before you even meet and collect your details that way.

It's Me Business Card

Best Business Card Designs from Paste Magazine – click for more examples

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