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2024 - Amazon Best Seller:

#1 Business Development & Entrepreneurship

#3 Women & Business

#7 Entrepreneurship & Careers

2023 - Top 10 Trailblazers  Alt Marketing School

2022 - Top 30 Marketers that Inspire - Marketed Live

2021 - Bronze World Logo Design Award - WOLDA

2020 - Bronze in Global Branding Competition - Marty Neumeier

2019 & 2018 Top 50 Most Influential Irish Marketers - Design Wizard

2015 - Top Marketing Blogs Ireland - Search Engine Journal

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Growing Your Business using a Marketing Lens

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From Dream to Best Seller on Amazon

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The power of What If? and how joy should be the first focus with any business endeavour.

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What Entrepreneurship means today & what it takes to get to the next level.

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The importance of bringing in external advice to grow a business.

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Setting the Entrepreneur Free - leadership, growth & how to make the transformation you need to make.

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Why we all want our truth shared and more...

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How you can be as good as IKEA in your marketing.

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The benefits of a 90 day plan & the key ingredients.

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Media pieces: stories, insights, perspectives...

The Maverick Paradox Magazine 

How Slow Marketing Can Get You There Faster, Oct 17, 2023

In a world that's always in a rush, I explore the benefits of taking a slower approach to marketing. To take a pause and see what's hidden by the noise.

In a couple of case studies of people I've worked with over the years, discover how patience and thoughtful strategies can lead to remarkable results!

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Careers and Chronic Illness: The Real Impact on Irish Business Women, Sept 06, 2023

I've been dealing with chronic foot pain for about 10 years. My experience and the impact it's had on my life are included in this article with two other Irish businesswomen. Happily I've had surgery earlier this year and I am on the journey to walking properly again but it has truly been a long, long road.
Thank you to journalist Victoria Stokes & Image Magazine for this important piece. 

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The Maverick Paradox Magazine

How Organisations Can Grow by Strengthening Their Social Responsibility by Finola Howard, Sept 05, 2023

Growing with Purpose is all very "on trend" unless of course you actually mean it.

In this article for The Maverick Paradox I talk about the resistance I've seen in truly expressing your reason for being, the potential for alignment with social responsibility initiatives and a tangible case study on the impact that this kind of thinking can have on your growth trajectory. 

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The Maverick Paradox Magazine

Leadership Presence – Using Heart by Finola Howard, July 20, 2023

Leading with Purpose and Heart is something I speak about a lot and in this article with the Maverick Paradox I share some stories of people I've worked with who embody this thinking.What I didn't expect was the reaction those entrepreneurs would have when they read their own story back.

"You made it sound like it feels, Finola - you'll be kept!"
"What beautiful words, Finola to describe this journey - and they are so true!"

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Waterford News & Star 

Well Said: Finola Howard on "How Courage Leads to Joy" by Dymphna Nugent, April 19, 2020

"FINOLA Howard has been spending much of her time of late speaking with her clients and guiding them through the panic of this pandemic. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, she tells me during our interview, business-related panic and personal panic are intrinsically connected."

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The Irish Field 

NEWS: Invaluable Marketing Advice from Top Speakers,
March 21, 2018

HORSE Sport Ireland hosted its first information roadshow of 2018 on the topic of Marketing Your Equestrian Event at which Finola Howard was a speaker. 

“Incredibly helpful, engaging and their knowledge was invaluable and I can’t wait to put it into practice!” says Lisa Rothwell who was in attendance.

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Irish Examiner

Strategic Actions To Grow Your Business by John Daly, Jan 12, 2018 

FINOLA Howard speaks about the day to day of her business and explains why great marketing is customer centric and once you understand that, everything else is possible.

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The Life of a Social Media Manager: How To Spend Time on Social Media, Oct 8, 2015 

In this review of how different marketers manage their social media workflow, Finola Howard shares her one hour a day habit to managing her social media.

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I’m a business growth strategist with a joyful heart, host of the top ranked podcast  "Your Truth Shared", best selling author of WHAT IF?, speaker, entrepreneurial champion and that’s just the business stuff!
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