#3 Aligning Your Career and Personal Values with Aoife O'Brien

"Because we spend so much of our time at work, I think it's really, really important to make sure that you are happy at work because it leaks into every aspect of our lives." – Aoife O'Brien.  

Welcome back to Your Truth Shared. Have you ever wondered what the secret is to obtaining job satisfaction or what makes people truly happy at work? Well, wonder no more as joining Finola on this week's episode is Happiness at Work expert and host of the same-titled and booming business podcast, Aoife O'Brien.

Having worked in multiple countries across the globe, Aoife kindly shares many interesting learnings from her extensive professional experience. Finola and Aoife cover great ground in this episode discussing human behaviours, discovering your calling, aligning your career and personal values and much more. So go ahead and dive right in! 

Key points throughout the discussion include:

- An introduction to Aoife O'Brien. 

- Gaining an interest in employee retention and human behaviour. 

- How to identify your strengths and discover your calling. 

- Overcoming the fear of data. 

- Fitting in at work and understanding organisational behaviours. 

- Are company values established and being lived?

- Aoife's approach to hiring.

- The importance of identifying your values and needs. 

- The hiring process: aligning recruitment with company values.  

- Striking the balance of workplace autonomy.

- Put people first, and the profits will follow. 

- Why you should treat employees like customers. 

- The human side of the business.  

- The key to achieving life harmony. 


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