#4 Seeing through the lens of unconditional love with John Murray

‘’Everybody has the entitlement to feel beautiful, happy, confident, and comfortable in their own skin. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. It’s classless. It’s raceless.’’ – John Murray.

Welcome back to Your Truth Shared. This week, joining Finola on the podcast is one of Ireland’s leading headshot photographers, John Murray. John is on a mission to close the gap between how we think we look and what we think the rest of the world expects us to look like and the gap between who we feel we are, as opposed to who we believe the rest of the world expects us to be. 

This week’s discussion focuses on identity, which is such a fundamental aspect of marketing and seeing through the lens of unconditional love. John shares his journey of stepping into photography thanks to a concert cancellation, the importance of self-awareness, and his passion for empowering others to see and embrace their whole selves through his work and image wellness talks. Key points throughout the show include: 

- An introduction to John Murray.

- Becoming a photographer: converting a hobby into a profession.

- Overcoming the discomfort of getting your photograph taken. 

- How to smile with your body? 

- Hijacking your hormones: The fight or flight response. 

- The impact of identity distress.

- Tackling imposter syndrome and low self-esteem. 

- You are the writer of your own story. 

- The path to self-acceptance. 

-  Knowing your why and finding your purpose. 


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