#5 Pumping Heart Into Business with Carrie Eddins

Welcome back to Your Truth Shared. We have a fascinating episode in store this week as special guest Carrie Eddins joins Finola. Carrie is a result-focused communication expert with beautiful energy who reaches into people’s hearts for a living, specialising in helping leaders on a mission of expressing themselves fully and pumping heart into business.

Throughout the show, Carrie opens up about her dyslexia, her courageous path to The Blondepreneur, and the importance of building connection through communication and content and reveals her exciting plans for the future. Key points throughout include: 

- An introduction to Carrie Eddins: a sparkle, a volcano, a bubble, a squeak. 

- The key to building emotional connections. 

- Women and men in business: is there a difference?

- The need for safe networking spaces for women.

- The struggles of millennial women. 

- The connection recipe: reading people’s hearts.

- The challenge of identity.

- Stepping into your truth and how to cultivate self-trust. 

- What advice would you give to your younger self? 

- Building up the courage for change.   

- Going back to the content marketing roots. 


‘’Content without connection is like tea without cake.’’ – Carrie Eddins. 

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