#7 The Evolution of Retail with Miriam Simon

Welcome back to Your Truth Shared. Have you a passion for retail!? If so, you are in for a treat! Experienced strategist and retail guru Miriam Simon joins Finola on the podcast this week to discuss her fascinating entrepreneurial journey and the evolution of retail.

Miriam takes us behind the scenes and unpacks what it was like to work at senior and board levels for renowned brands such as Dunnes Stores, TK Maxx, Monsoon and B&Q – to name but a few. Miriam also reveals the importance of believing in your career path and opens up about her transition from retail to non-retail. 

Miriam is a highly sought-after mentor offering startups strategies destined for success and growth. If you are interested in growing your business, visit https://www.miriamsimon.ie/ for further details. Key points throughout this episode include: 

- An introduction to Miriam Simon.

- Valuable learnings from an early career.

- Managing parental leave.  

- The key to nurturing talent in business. 

- Miriam’s need for challenges. 

- Navigating through Ireland’s financial crisis. 

- Recognising business opportunities and mastering attention to detail. 

- The power of retail marketing and observation. 

- Why we should believe in our career paths. 

- The big move into non-retail: self-discovery and new beginnings.

- The impact of Covid-19 and what’s next for the future of retail.

- It’s time for change: the concept of the circular economy. 

- Why we should not fear educated guesses in business.

- Welcome to the new digital age: the rise of subscriptions and gamification. 

- The balance of power within SMEs. 


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