#9 Unlocking Your Greatness with Rachel Gotto

‘’The words we say internally, and the visualizations we allow ourselves to form, create our reality.’’ – Rachel Gotto. 

Welcome back to Your Truth Shared. This week Finola is delighted to welcome best-selling author, clinical hypnotherapist, personal success coach and speaker Rachel Gotto. Rachel ‘s story is astonishing and is unveiled in Flying on the Inside, a memoir of her trauma and recovery, released in December 2021 following the sudden loss of her husband and facing a life-threatening brain tumour. 

In this episode, Rachel shares her journey from tragedy to triumph, her joyous connection to living and life, how she overcame physical, mental and emotional hardships over the last 25 years, the power of the mind and why we need to treat ourselves with more kindness and compassion. Key points throughout this episode include: 

- An introduction to Rachel Gotto.

- How we are born to survive. 

- The strength within: creating your own reality. 

- Moving through hardship and strengthening your resilience. 

- The importance of flexing your mind. 

- Why we must treasure our physical and mental autonomy. 

- The power of fostering curiosity and brainstorming. 

- Overcoming the turmoil of imposter syndrome. 

- Finding the richness in your story and unlocking your greatness.

- Self-compassion and managing your internal dialogue. 

- The impact of negative self-beliefs and self-talk. 

- The power of repetition for the brain. 

- Showing up for our own transformation.


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