#11 The Value of Meaningful Work with Greg Chuchra

Welcome back to Your Truth Shared. Joining Finola this week is special guest Greg Chuchra. Based in Poland, Greg is the proud co-founder and CEO of two technology titans, Predica and Tedee. Predica was included in the Technology Fast 50 and FT 1000 rankings, acknowledging Europe’s fast-growing companies. In this episode, Greg shares his fascinating journey of launching Predica in 2009 and how he scaled the high-growth business and handled its acquisition. We also get Greg’s take on the value of meaningful work, leadership without ego, and business problem solving and learn how he transitioned to launching Tedee, a product-focused business. 

Trust us when we say that Greg is a book guru, so keep an ear out at the end of the episode as Greg kindly shares his top 3 bookshelf must-haves for entrepreneurs. Key points throughout this episode include: 

- An introduction to Greg Chuchra.
- The road to Predica and its business origin story. 

- The value of meaningful work.

- Improving lives with the use of technology. 

- The benefits of continuous learning in business. 

- Designing a company for growth and keeping your ego in check. 

- Tackling scalability issues and implementing business change. 

- Igniting an authentic business culture from day one. 

- Greg’s experience with handling a business acquisition.

- Reinventing the way we work.
- Developing and establishing Tedee, a product-focused company.

- Greg’s top three book recommendations for entrepreneurs. 


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Getting Things Done by David Allen.



The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. 



Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard



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