#13 Coming Home to Ourselves with Dr Julie Meehan

In some form or another, our profession impacts our day-to-day life, and after all, we are not just what we do. To explore this further, Finola is adding a new dimension to the Your Truth Shared podcast this week with the help of special guest, Dr Julie Meehan.

Julie is a clinical psychologist, strategic interventionist coach, parent guide and proud imperfect mom with over 20 years of experience working with children, parents, and families. In this episode, we hear about Julie’s brave move from a secure job with the Irish Health Service Executive into entrepreneurship, why we should never ignore our inner voice, the imperfect dance of parenthood, and coming home to ourselves. Julie also reveals the statistics of high sensitivity in the population, and the numbers may take you by surprise. Key points throughout this episode include: 

- An introduction to Julie Meehan.

- Leaving the HSE and going solo. 

- The independent pathway of training as a clinical psychologist. 

- The system of managed care. 

- The importance of listening to your inner voice.

- Being an imperfect parent and the messiness of motherhood.

- The dance between getting it right and wrong in parenthood.

- Developing self-connection and self-trust. 

- How to embody your soul in day-to-day life.  

- Navigating through a sensitive world. 

- An insight into Elaine Aaron’s DOES acronym. 

- Democratic education and empowering children in the world we live in. 

- Handling sensitivity in marketing and choosing how you market. 

- Julie’s guided pathway for parents to follow. 

‘’The human soul doesn’t want to be advised, fixed, or saved. It simply wants to be witnessed, to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is.’’ – Parker Palmer. 


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