#16 Unlocking Speaking Confidence with Maureen McCowen

This episode is dedicated to Maureen’s brother, Johnny McGowan, who was diagnosed with ALS – an aggressive Motor Neurone Disease in September 2021. To help support Johnny and his family, donations are most welcome via the link below:

GoFundMe: Fight for Johnny’s Girls


‘’I can’t imagine going back to the classroom. But this time, four years ago, I couldn’t imagine being out of the classroom. So you know, none of us know what life has in store for us.” – Maureen McCowen.

Welcome back to Your Truth Shared. The task of public speaking can be daunting and anxiety-inducing for many, and today’s guest, Maureen McCowen, is here to banish those fears. 

Maureen is the proud founder of Soft Skill Success, where she is dedicated to working with individuals and teams to unlock their confidence and flourish as public speakers. In this episode, Maureen takes us along the steppingstones of her professional path from secondary school teaching to coaching the art of effective communication. Interested in improving your communication skills!? Keep an ear out as Maureen kindly shares her top three tips for enhancing your public speaking abilities. Key points throughout the episode include:

- An introduction to Maureen McCowen. 

- Not letting the fear of rejection get in your way. 

- Unlocking speaking confidence. 

- Is confidence building prevalent in education? 

- Switching the focus to your audience. 

- Having a methodical approach to business.

- The significant turning point in Maureen’s solopreneur journey.

- Adapting and thriving in a rapidly changing environment.  

- Maureen’s top three tips for becoming a better public speaker.

- How to master engagement and grasp people’s attention. 


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