#18 How to Illuminate Your Life and Business Through Storytelling with Sally Murphy

Joining Finola on the show this week is business consultant, trainer, communications strategist and captivating storyteller Sally Murphy. Sally works with clients from all corners of the globe, including giants such as Microsoft, Google, Paddy Power and many more. Strategic communication and storytelling can spark tremendous change, and Sally’s mission is to help people share better stories to transform their business. 

This episode is packed to the brim with valuable nuggets and takeaways as Sally shares her communications 101 and reveals how to illuminate your life and business through storytelling. We learn about Sally’s grafting road to becoming a successful entrepreneur, how valuable life experiences and lessons can help shape your entrepreneurial journey, the importance of inclusivity and belonging, how we can recall memories from welcoming waves of recollection, and we also hear of Sally’s newfound love for Elvis. Key points throughout include:

- An introduction to Sally Murphy and her origin story.

- Climbing through chapters: laddering up and down through life. 

- Tapping into core skills and learnings from running your own business.

- The customer experience: the power in telling the truth and sharing stories. 

- Tackling false self-beliefs and overcoming low self-esteem. 

- Why we should pay attention to the people around you and carry kindness. 

- Lodging stories into your story bank: casting your mind back to map your pathway forward.

- Creating movement through emotion. 

- The importance of storytelling in business and the impact of storytelling on company culture. 

- Becoming a better leader through self-reflection.



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