#23 Reflections upon the Entrepreneurial Road with Finola Howard

Many learnings and discoveries have occurred over the last twenty-two episodes, so this week we are shaking things up with this special solo episode, an episode of reflection to delve into the pattern and dots that connect throughout the entrepreneurial map. During the discussion, Finola shares the importance of knowing before going, offering clarity and advice before you embark on your business journey. Finola also reveals the key to levelling up in business and the top three challenges every business faces. Key points throughout include:

- The rollercoaster ride of the entrepreneurial journey 

- Finola’s business challenge: it’s time to dot out your journey

- Navigating through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship

- The three core challenges of business: identity, systems, and people

- Identifying opportunities and owning the ‘white space’ in your market

- Building for scale and choosing the right people for your team

‘’My purpose with my business is to actually make it easier for entrepreneurs to succeed. And the way to make it easier is to show them the journey before they take it.’’ – Finola Howard. 



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