#26 Preserving Trust Throughout The Wild Cycle Of Business With Rob Leslie

Did you know that the criminal economy is the third largest economy in the world, worth between five and six trillion dollars annually!? It is no wonder why people across the globe have become incredibly nervous about data and how their personal information is being consumed.

Joining Finola this week is special guest Rob Leslie. Rob is the president and Co-founder of Nillion, CEO and founder of Sedicci and World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.

Rob is a serial entrepreneur with a shatterproof passion and drive for problem-solving and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of data.

In this episode, Rob talks us through his professional career, which kickstarted in Japan. We learn the magic of cryptography and the importance of preserving trust throughout the wild cycle of business and explore the future of data autonomy.

Key points throughout include:

- An introduction to Rob Leslie

- Moving abroad with the hope of finding work

- Staying on track with business trends and macroeconomic factors

- Why ceaseless business assessments are essential

- Award season: shine a spotlight on your business

- Preserving privacy and preventing fraud before it happens

- How valuable is your data?

- What does the future of digital look like

- Business exploration: generating new business ventures

- Business transparency: building a foundation of trust

- The highs and lows of serial-entrepreneurship

- Ask yourself, what would MacGyver do?

‘’Every entrepreneur needs to keep an eye on what’s happening. Part of the trick is trying to move to where the ball is going, where the puck is going, and be there when it arrives. But you don’t want to be there too early because you’ll be standing there waiting for a good period of time if you misread it. Trying to keep an eye on what’s happening is really important.’ – Rob Leslie.

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