#28 Surround Yourself With People Whose Growth Game is Strong with Dani Wallace

Get ready to bee inspired! Former serial self-saboteur and now fearless public speaking coach Dani Wallace is here to share her powerful life transformation journey. Through Dani’s I Am The Queen Bee movement and Fly Anyway Foundation, Dani helps people from all corners of the globe to show up, wise up and rise.

Dani candidly shares how she and her sister were on a mission to break the generational cycle of domestic violence and how she overcame homelessness and rerouted her life path. Dani discusses the pressures we burden ourselves with and the importance of setting boundaries and shares a fantastic exercise that will help you nail your elevator pitch! Further key points throughout include:

- An introduction to Dani Wallace
- Seeking validation and a means of escape
- Breaking the generational cycle of domestic violence and beginning a new chapter in life
- Running away from yourself and the duality of self-awareness
- The royal spark of Queen Bee and living audaciously
- Aligning with your birth rights: health, wealth and peace
- A home truth: closed mouths don’t get fed!
- The relationship between money and fair energetic exchange
- Why you should surround yourself with people whose growth game is strong
- Ask yourself; what is a life well lived for you?
- The vocal business card exercise: master your elevator pitch

‘‘I’ve found the more people that I work with, the more successful people that I’ve worked with, the millionaires and billionaires, the thing that I’m learning is there’s nothing at the top of the rope. They’re all climbing this rope to a destination I don’t know what, because when they get there, they want to climb to something else.’’ – Dani Wallace.

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