#29 Why You Should Never Fear A Fumble with Helen Walsh

Are you shying away from putting yourself out there? Do you fear change, discomfort and the unknown? Joining Finola this week is author, international health, and life coach Helen Walsh who helps her clients unlock their power.

Helen takes us back to her childhood and shares how she got a bite for entrepreneurship from a young age. Helen also opens up about growing up in a tough home, leaving a domestic relationship and navigating through the hustle and bustle of business.

Evident from her social initiative, #PassItOn, Helen is a sparkling example of how an ordinary person can make a significant difference. If you want to triumph with kindness, become fearless of fumbles and step forward as your best self, this episode is a must-listen. Helen also kindly shares a wonderfully valuable exercise of future projection.

Further key points throughout include:

  • An introduction to Helen Walsh
  • Childhood aspirations leading to entrepreneurship
  • The power of music and fitness when dealing with grief
  • The art of hustling and negotiating in business
  • Igniting curiosity and erring on the side of cheeky
  • The entrepreneurial challenge of identity
  • How change and discomfort can lead to growth
  • How to boost your self-esteem and confidence
  • The drive towards pleasure and away from pain
  • Helen’s tips for choosing your perfect life coach
  • Overcoming trauma and repairing the nervous system
  • A true reminder: You’re not bad on your own
  • How you can make the world a better place

‘‘I think I’ve always just erred a little bit on the side of cheeky. I also have a thing where I never want to walk away from a situation and feel, Oh, my God, why didn’t I say that? And why didn’t I do that? Because the moment has gone and it could be a very important moment.’’ – Helen Walsh.

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