#30 Killer Strategies To Win New Customers with Ciara Feely

A new era of sales and marketing is here, and this week Finola is joined by sales enablement strategist and author Ciara Feely. Are you on a mission to wow and win in business!? If so, this episode is a must-listen for you as Ciara reveals how you can truly understand your customer's journey, champion selling and obtain and maintain your customers for the long run.

Throughout the discussion, Ciara unpacks the digitisation of sales and how marketing is a vital component of the sales process. Ciara also explores why you should look at your business from your client's point of view and offers valuable tips on how you can create productive and professional relationships virtually. Further key points throughout include:

- An introduction to Ciara Feely
- The mighty combination of sales and marketing
- Business DNA: managing organisational culture
- Communication 101: How to earn a conversation
- The power of a pause in business
- Digitalisation of sales: A new era of selling
- Creating real connections virtually
- Scratching the career itch and welcoming a pandemic pivot
- The key to building productive and professional relationships
- Top tips for winning in business and overcoming sales challenges
- The Love/Hate relationship with CRM
- An insight into customer ever-boarding

"Sometimes it does take that stepping back and being so thoughtful of where they are right now. It's not where you are in your sales journey. It's where they are in their buying journey. Sometimes you just have to slow down because something else consumes them."Ciara Feely.

"Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing people."David Packard.

Ciara's 1 Minute assessment: How effective is your team?

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