#35 Regain Your Power as a Consumer with Heather McGuire

As we approach the festive season and near the end of 2022, integrated nutritional health coach Heather McGuire is here to discuss the mindset around food, taking your power back as a consumer and how a balanced diet can greatly benefit your lifestyle. Heather's tagline, "I do health, I don't do guilt", shines throughout as Heather reminds us that food is not our enemy. Instead, it is one of the greatest joys of life. 

When eating and drinking, do you know what you are consuming? In this episode, Heather shares the importance of removing naivety when shopping, entices us to "flip it" when shopping and unveils food marketing tactics to look out for. We also learn staggering statistics from the World Health Organisation, how small changes can massively affect your life and why you shouldn't let time poverty rob you of your health. Further key points throughout include:  

  • An introduction to Heather McGuire
  • Why brand storytelling is vital
  • A crowded food market: are health foods indeed healthy?
  • If you don't make time for your health, sickness will make time for you
  • The lean and mean food advertising machine: don't be fooled by labels!
  • Do food manufacturers feed us with lies? 
  • The gaping gap in food education and the legacy of Ancel Keys 
  • Brain fuel: The importance of fat to your brain
  • How to take your power back as a consumer 
  • The mighty link between the gut and the brain 
  • The language surrounding food
  • Heather's experience working in the advertising industry 
  • Finding the food and exercise that works for you 
  • Superfoods that will boost your brain
  • Consumer confusion: doubt is the product 

"I don't think the world needs someone else preaching to them, telling them what they should and shouldn't eat. I don't see that as my role. I see my role as open your eyes and take your power back as a consumer" – Heather McGuire.


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