#36 2023: A Year To Begin Again with Finola Howard

Welcome to a reflection special with your host Finola Howard. In this solo episode, Finola reflects on the year that has been and invites you to do the same with a series of prompts that will highlight your accomplishments and endgame goals. 

Throughout the episode, Finola opens up about her learnings and accomplishments, hints at future plans and reminds us to look through our lens of purpose for the forthcoming new year. In 2023, we have the opportunity to begin again with the wisdom of 2022 to guide us, so if you are ready to refocus and get motivated for the new year ahead, this episode is a must-listen! Further key points throughout include:  


  • The power of an end-of-year reflection
  • How 2023 is a time to begin again
  • The importance of grounding your progress
  • The key to expanding your mind: Why you should mark your journey
  • Supporting your body that carries you through life
  • Making time for daily practices and framing a plan for 2023 
  • What are you willing to do to get what you want?


"So often, the things that are second nature to us aren't so obvious to everyone else. It's actually part of finding your uniqueness. And that is reminding yourself of your strengths. Everyone has to do it. I have to do it. You have to do it. But that reminder, that insight for me this year, I will take with me into 2023, it will shape my thinking, and has shaped my thinking in how I plan." – Finola Howard.

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