#37 How to Market Your Start-Up with Rand Fishkin

Do you constantly wonder how to best market your start-up!? Rand Fishkin, best known as Moz founder and current co-founder and CEO of SparkToro and Inbound.org, joins Finola this week to discuss each step of the start-up journey and scaling for success. 

Rand's professional life is dedicated to helping others excel and market to their best ability through his writing, videos and speaker sessions. In this discussion, Rand delves into his journey from failure to success. We learn how Rand was ejected from the company he passionately founded and built and how it was a harsh reality. Rand also lifts the blanket from the mental and emotional struggles in business and shares how every company has a unique story to tell and that technology should be digestible and understandable for all. Further key points throughout include:  


  • An introduction to Rand Fishkin
  • Bringing humanity and technology together
  • The journey of an early-stage founder
  • The leap from a side project to a successful business 
  • The benefits and drawbacks of business transparency
  • The harrowing sadness of bidding farewell to Moz
  • Navigating through a founder's dilemma  
  • The entrepreneur culture: The concept of learning through failure
  • Service business VS product business 
  • The risks of launching an MVP 
  • The rise of SparkToro: audience research at your fingertips
  • The future of marketing and the impact of GDPR
  • Rand's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs 


"Execution is something where you can start low, but if your idea is great, you will be carried forward on the strength of that idea. However, you start with a bad idea, and you could get great at execution, and still not end up anywhere." – Rand Fishkin.



Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World by Rand Fishkin



Moz Whiteboard Friday Series



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