#38 Stop Writing Books Nobody Reads with Debbie Jenkins

Joining Finola this week is author, publisher and writing coach Debbie Jenkins to share valuable advice on everything you need to know about writing content for the modern reader. 

Throughout the discussion, Debbie shares her professional footpath from engineering to marketing to setting up her own business. Debbie candidly opens up about how a pretty brilliant midlife crisis changed the course of her life and reminds us that there is no time limit to your dreams.

If you plan to write a book or content that people will actually read, this episode will help you build a life and an authorial library that you will love! 

Further key points throughout include:  


  • An introduction to Debbie Jenkins
  • Why ego isn’t always bad for business 
  • Managing a difficult redundancy process 
  • The key to unlocking doors of opportunity 
  • The chapter of a pretty brilliant midlife crisis 
  • Finding clarity through reflection and finding your life purpose 
  • A guide to stop writing books nobody reads
  • Three types of books you should be writing 
  • The power of read, do and refer
  • Three steps to publishing your own book 
  • The importance of building a business with safety nets


“My advice is, don’t wait for it. Maybe people think there’s going to be a moment when it all just comes together, or I suddenly realise what I want to be or what I want to do. Don’t wait for that moment.” – Debbie Jenkins.



Book: Stop Writing Books Nobody Reads by Debbie Jenkins


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