#39 Align and Design Your Best Life with Frank and Marci

Showing up as someone you're not can quickly lead to a path of exhaustion. This week, Finola is joined by not one but two special guests, Frank and Marci, a powerhouse duo with introvert and extrovert personality traits that share their authentic approach to designing your best life and achieving a harmonious workflow. 

Frank and Marci help their clients rise above the blah with unforgettable personal branding. Throughout the discussion, we learn the magnetic duality of their personal and business relationship and the secrets of how they make it work so well. Marci and Frank delve into the dead end of falling out of love with your customers, why we need to show up as our true selves, and Marci lifts the lid on the true value of customer data. So if you are ready to build a business and lifestyle that won't exhaust you and will only serve you best, this episode is a must-listen for you! Further key points throughout include:  


  • An introduction to Frank and Marci
  • The stepping stones to finding energy alignment 
  • How introverts and extroverts can impact business 
  • Does everybody need quiet alone time?
  • Is success only for extroverts? 
  • The key to working effectively together 
  • Marketing 101: The vitality of customer research 
  • The power of story-telling and imaginary sessions
  • Why you should build a thriving customer community 
  • The exhaustion of not being your authentic self
  • The mental switch between copywriting and creative writing


"If you've fallen out of love with your customers, you can't possibly form any sense of community with them. I think that is vital in terms of where marketing is going. People are tired of being sold to, they're tired of being marketed to, but there's a huge possibility for many businesses to build a sense of community around what they do". – Frank Prendergast.


Book: Quiet by Susan Cain 


Book: Illusions by Richard Bach 



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