#40 How to Discharge Anxiety with Deirdre O'Connor

Traumatic experiences can remain trapped in our bodies and psyches, but do we have the power to free ourselves of riddling anxiety? Here to help lighten our loads is sleep and anxiety expert Deirdre O'Connor, who will unpack the trauma and prevalence of anxiety in today's world. Deirdre has over 30 years of experience studying the connection between our bodies, thoughts and feelings and joins us to shed light on the therapies that can help people explore, identify, and move past life's hardships. Unravelling the theme of anxiety, Deirdre uncovers the age of information overload, the importance of connection in our modern society and the burdensome duty of care that women are often expected to carry on their shoulders alone. Further key points throughout include:  


  • An introduction to Deirdre O'Connor
  • It's time to shake the shame from anxiety
  • What does alarmed aloneness look like? 
  • The unspoken existence of anxiety 
  • The power of meditation and movement 
  • Why you should make constructive brain breaks a priority 
  • Can anxiety be cured, or is it a permanent state?
  • Seek guidance: the pathway to inner peace and self-compassion


" Anxiety is a sign that something is not working, and instead of beating ourselves up around it, get so curious." – Deirdre O'Connor.

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