#42 Build Values That Stick Even When They're Tested

Welcome to a reflection special with your host Finola Howard. In this solo episode, Finola reflects on the recurring theme of the importance of values in so many of the conversations we’ve been having on the podcast.  Yet many company leaders don’t even know what the mission or the values of the company are.

Throughout this episode, Finola shares why values do not always ring true in organisations regardless of size and how to do it differently. She even shares her own values for her business and would love if you shared yours too. 

Further key points throughout include:  


  • Values are often just copied from someone else so how can they ever be yours?
  • If you make them clear and actionable then you can measure them
  • They’ve got to be lived every day and if they’re lived, they’re tested.
  • Know the different types of values; Core, Aspirational, Permission to Play and Accidental
  • Value Setting is NOT a democratic process. Choose them strategically.
  • Choose them Authentically or they will undermine your credibility.
  • Take them beyond mere words and make them a behaviour
  • Examples from Sparktoro and Finola’s own values. 


"Values are cornerstone. They are cultural cornerstone. They give you voice and they frame the trajectory of your business. So, it's irrelevant, what size you are – your values matter."  – Finola Howard.

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