#50 Biting Into the Crumbs of Creativity with Tara Prendergast

Have you ever been sneered at for your creative ideas? Don't let that discourage you! We all carry our own unique stories, and this week, we hear the inspirational journey of business strategist and founder of The Biscuit Factory, Tara Prendergast. From an art school dropout to becoming a successful entrepreneur, we learn how she managed to turn her creative passion into a thriving business. 

Tune in to hear how Tara used her entrepreneurial background and marketing skills to create opportunities within the creative sector, learn the power of a customer-centric business and the magic of building a community, and hear how she overcame the challenges of the economic downturn. Further key points throughout include:  


  • An Introduction to Tara Prendergast: Designing an artistic career
  • Letting go in the creative sector and the learnings from building a business at 19 
  • Career growth: Why it is okay to ask for help
  • Surviving in business during an economic crash 
  • The juicy combination of customer experience and innovation
  • Connecting people and organically creating a community 
  • The time for creatives is now: Is there no such thing as new ideas?
  • The whirlwind road to Dublin and creating Bite The Biscuit 
  • The benefits of being open and honest with your community 


"Like every shift in history, there's always opportunity. This is the creative sector's opportunity to get it out there how important creativity is for humans because now we're going to be competing with this other thing that's coming, AI." – Tara Prendergast.

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