#52 Dressing for Success In Business and Beyond with Aoife Dunican

Can your clothes determine how the world communicates with you? Can showing up and dressing well lead to success? Here to unpack dressing for success in business and beyond is special guest Aoife Dunican. Aoife is a motivational speaker, image consultant and personal stylist empowering men and women to exude confidence and make a lasting impression through their image and style.

Hear Aoife's unique insights on creating a personal brand, aligning values, and selecting clothes that make you feel fabulous and confident. Plus, get practical tips on how to use the four C's to create a wardrobe that best expresses who you are and what you stand for. Everyone has the right and power to look and feel fabulous, so don't put it off, tune in and get inspired today! Further key points throughout include:  


  • An Introduction to Aoife Dunican
  • The power of clothes and the meaning of colour in fashion
  • The ABC of communication 
  • Keeping fresh: the importance of rebooting your style 
  • Increasing your visibility: when you hide, you don't show up!
  • How to embrace your brilliance and clear the way for feeling fabulous
  • The key to igniting your communication strategy
  • Make your next purchase unforgettable. You deserve it! 


"I know the minute one of those tops goes on, the minute I put on the earrings, my whole body absolutely changes. It's almost like what I wear that day determines how I will communicate with the world, and how the world will communicate with me." – Aoife Dunican.

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