#61 Mastering Branding: Beyond Logos to Customer-Centric Magic with Aisling Griffin

Do you wish to master the art of branding but are unsure where to begin? Well, fear not! This week, expert brand designer Aisling Griffin joins Finola to discuss the power and purpose of effective branding and its beautiful ability to connect businesses with their customers. 

Aisling explores how branding has evolved from mere logos to encompass positioning, messaging, and customer-centricity, something we are all for here on Your Truth Shared. Aisling also uncovers her personal experiences and expert advice on choosing purposeful clients, letting go for growth and the importance of creativity in the design process. Key points throughout include:  


  • An introduction to Aisling Griffin and the journey to becoming a brand strategist
  • The evolution of branding and customer connection 
  • Living your market research and why you should seek out client testimonials
  • Choosing to work with businesses that make a positive impact on the world
  • The importance of giving space to all our parts and letting go of the old to embrace the new
  • Wildlight: Creating statement pieces that shine 
  • Everything is possible: Embracing variety in entrepreneurship 
  • Aisling’s top tip for business branding 


With her passion for teaching and growth, this episode will empower entrepreneurs to embrace their brand’s potential and make a positive impact. But that’s not all! Keep an eye out for Aisling, as she will also be live at the Design Your Own Success workshop this November to help people one-on-one with discovery sessions, mood boards, marketing and more. 

“You have to connect with your customer, or else there’s no point in doing what you’re doing.” – Aisling Griffin. 


But it hasn’t translated into the success you wished for. It’s time to do something about it. It’s time to bring in the team that will make all the difference to your business. Design Your Own Success™ is a 5-Day Experiential Workshop running from 11 - 16 November 2023 at the Brook Lodge Hotel, Co. Wicklow. To learn more on how you can fast-track your success, visit www.designyourownsuccess.com 


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