#64 Prioritising You: Unpacking the Power of Self-Reflection with Marla Albertie

When was the last time you put yourself first? We all want to feel successful and fulfilled but often forget to reflect on our needs and priorities.  Marla Albertie, owner and driving force of the Truth Speaks Group, joins Finola this week to share her invaluable insights on the often-rough seas of work-life balance, self-awareness in leadership and achieving financial success through the power of mindset. 

Throughout the discussion, Marla reveals how failure can be reframed as learning and how the desire for titles can distort our understanding of work. With a focus on genuine care for others and psychological safety, Marla challenges societal norms and provides a fresh perspective on personal and professional growth. Get ready to discover how to prioritise self-reflection, embrace a positive mindset towards money, and celebrate bragging about your fabulous self. Key points throughout include:  


  • Multimedia coaching: The various realms of coaching
  • The power of the mind and learning from failure
  • Post-pandemic awareness and the importance of self-reflection 
  • What is the sole purpose of leadership? 
  • Psychological safety for BIPOC individuals in the US: Where is the protection? 
  • Women's relationship with money and the law of attraction  
  • Why you need to go ahead and brag on yourself


"The sole purpose of leadership is servanthood. You have to first like people. Why do you want to be a leader if you don't like people?" – Marla Albertie. 


The Ultimate Brag Book About Yourself by Marla J Abertie 




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