#65 Innovation Through Play: A LEGO Exploration with Per Kristiansen

Have you ever struggled to listen to the voice in your own head? We all have! But how can we expect other people to listen to us, if we can't even listen to ourselves? This episode is your golden ticket to explore a tool revolutionising communication and strategy development throughout countless organisations. Joining Finola this week is special guest Per Kristiansen, one of the original master trainers in the LEGO® Serious Play® Method. Yes, you read that right. LEGO.

Per delves deep into the fascinating connection between our hands and brains, exploring how the LEGO Serious Play method engages our minds, stimulates creativity, and allows us to reach new levels of understanding. Hear how the process of building and sharing LEGO creations can lead to personal growth and self-discovery and how the method creates a safe space for participants to share their stories. Per also highlights the importance of waiting and embracing stillness and how it can help us think differently. Key points throughout include:  


  • The magical link between strategy, communication and LEGO Serious Play
  • The key to unleashing your imagination 
  • The therapeutic use and language of LEGO Serious Play 
  • An insight into the hand-brain connection and the flow experiences of LEGO Serious Play
  • How to create a shared understanding within a group
  • Why you should never interrupt the builder 
  • A moment to pause: Do you allow time for standing still?


"We need to take the time to listen to the voice in our own heads. If we can't hear ourselves, how can we expect other people to listen to us?" – Per Kristiansen. 




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