#68 Mastering Your Money Mindset with Winnie Sun

Do you ever feel like your finances are running amok while you're busy building your empire?

In this episode, Finola sits down with Winnie Sun, a leading financial advisor and regular contributor to CNBC, Forbes, Fox News and more. Known as the wealth whisperer, Winnie discusses her money journey and the lessons she's learned along the way. 

Listen in as Winnie emphasizes the importance of taking care of ourselves financially, particularly for entrepreneurs who often put themselves last, not considering crucial factors such as retirement plans, emergency funds, and future healthcare costs.

The conversation takes a closer look at the importance of financial security and how it can help achieve personal peace and success. Winnie shares how small steps, such as setting up automatic contributions to a savings account, can have a significant impact. She further explores how entrepreneurs can view their art as a business without compromising their creativity and discusses the need for healthy conversations about money, devoid of shame. Key points throughout include:  

  • Financial self-care strategies for entrepreneurs
  • Embracing healthy conversations about money
  • How to improve your relationship with money
  • Personal growth and investing in yourself
  • The art of slowing down to speed up
  • Hiring and retaining top talent in business
  • Women's relationship with money and investing

"As a society have to get comfortable with the concept of money. We have to be okay with talking about money and and having people in our lives that we can discuss it with, without feeling shame or feeling like we're bragging. I think if we had more of those conversations, less people would be in debt, they would put less on their credit cards and they would have less stress. – Winnie Sun 



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