#69 Trading a Desk Job for Running Shoes with Mary Jennings

Ever have one of those days where the confines of your office feel like they’re closing in on you? Our guest, Mary Jennings, sure did. That's why she took a brave leap, and swapped her desk job for the outdoors. As the founder of Forget the Gym, Mary guides us through her transformative journey from corporate life to her fulfilling entrepreneurial venture. 

Mary shares her raw and encouraging experiences of building a successful business in an industry she is truly passionate about - running. She talks about the evolution of her business from an idea, a book, and a few running events to a flourishing community offering outdoor classes, running courses, running holidays, and virtual coaching. With the pure joy of helping others become active and relish the great outdoors at its core, Mary's venture is a testament to the power of passion and purpose in entrepreneurial success. 

With the heart of Forget the Gym being its vibrant community, Mary also delves into her innovative membership model. She shares how feedback from her members shaped her services, fostering a sense of community and accountability. From sharing her transition to a membership-based revenue stream to highlighting the importance of enjoying your work and continuously learning, Mary leaves us with a profound and empowering message. Mary Jennings' story is not just about running a business; it’s about chasing passions, embracing challenges, and celebrating success in your own unique way.Financial self-care strategies for entrepreneurs. Key highlights include:

  • Mary's Organic Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Opportunities and Growth in a Running Community
  • The Social Aspect of Marathon Training
  • The Power of Community and Connection
  • Exploring Membership-Based Online Business
  • Community and Customer Focused Perspective
  • Measuring Success and Finding Balance

“The real reason, that I ended up doing this was going back into the office at two o'clock and so many sunny days thinking, here we go, I'd love to be outside from another hour. Listen to what your body telling you it wants to do, and mine was telling me get out the door” – Mary Jennings 



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