#71 Quitting Corporate to Get Creative: Eva Blake’s Path to Happiness

Ever wondered how a leap of faith can lead you to uncover your true passion and purpose? Get ready to be inspired as we chat with Eva Blake, a leading brand photographer and founder of The Bliss Network. Eva takes us through her personal journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, a transition prompted by the misalignment of her values with the corporate culture. 

She shares with us how she found her niche in brand photography and crafted a relaxed space for organic networking and learning. This is a story about the power of women's entrepreneurship, about creating a space that not only allows but encourages women to thrive, and about the influence a supportive community can have on empowering female business owners.

Eva offers insights into her innovative approach of aligning her workflow with her hormonal changes. Her methods for managing low-energy periods and her strategic use of her hormonal cycle in decision-making are not only enlightening but also underscore the importance of understanding our natural cycles. So, whether you are considering the jump from corporate life to entrepreneurship, or simply looking for ways to maximize your productivity, this episode is packed with insights and experiences that could help shape your journey. Key points throughout include:  

  • Transitioning From Corporate Life to Entrepreneurship
  • The Isolation and Disillusionment of Seniority
  • Transitioning From Corporate to Photography
  • Creating a Business and Empowering Women
  • Finding a Niche and Expanding Services
  • Hormones Impact on Business and Self-Care
  • The Value of Networking and Supporting Peers

“When I really sat down and gave myself permission to write what my ideal day was and write down my actual goals like nobody was watching, it was so exciting and to understand my own values, like things that mattered to me.“ – Eva Blake 


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