#72 One Page: A Fearless Guide to Your Business Plan with Finola Howard

Ever thought about why so many business plans fall flat? Wondered why we often avoid planning, even when we know it's crucial for success? This episode is all about unraveling these questions. I share my insights to guide you towards creating a strategic one-page business plan that aligns with your vision and gives you a thrilling picture of your future. 

We delve into the common reasons for business plan failures and plan-avoidance, and discuss how you can dodge these pitfalls. You'll learn about the six one-page plans - a five-year path, an annual plan, a 90-day plan, a product journey map, an integrated sales & marketing calendar, and a financial & key metrics scorecard - and how they can help you manage your business effectively.

Let's not shy away from the fact that creating a comprehensive business plan can be daunting. That's why I'm taking you through the process of integrating strategy with tactics, to ensure your plan is powerful, practical, and resonates with your core values. The podcast also offers tips to remain motivated and overcome challenges when executing your plan. And the cherry on top? I share a link to a proven system that you can use to develop your business plan. 

The Powerful Planner: https://www.howgreatmarketingworks.com/powerful-planner 


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