#73 The Silent Business Killer You Need to Hear About with Susannah Simmons

Are you ready to master your customer retention game? Multi-passionate entrepreneur, software adoption doctor and author Susannah Simmons joins Finola this week to spill all you need to know about elevating the customer experience. 

Susannah provides valuable advice on understanding customer needs and how the difference between customers and users can be critical for businesses. She explains how a CRM system can be your knight in shining armour, eliminating firefighting and ensuring a perfect balance with customer interactions. Susannah also exposes the elusive “silent killer” in business and unveils the one pivotal question that will propel your business to new heights. So, get ready to seize missed opportunities, harness the force of data insights, and connect with your customers on a whole new level. Key points throughout include:  

  • How to supercharge customer dedication and loyalty 
  • Seeing beyond the sale: The lasting value of customer relationships  
  • Why communication between sales and customer service departments matters
  • Mastering customer experience: Harnessing CRM tools and data insights
  • Susannah’s journey to combating imposter gremlins and becoming an author
  • The significance of exploration and adaptability in business
  • The benefit of understanding your customer categories
  • The motivation of freedom and understanding your own path to success
  • Finding the right network for you that supports openness and vulnerability 

You can go to the doctor and get them to prescribe you medication. But if you don’t fulfil that prescription at the pharmacy and don’t take it, then you don’t get any better. It is the same thing with a product; you could buy it, but if it just sits on the shelf, you’re not getting any value from it.” – Susannah Simmons. 

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